District farmer helps team to big win

Campaspe News - - ROCHESTER TENNIS -

ROCHESTER 1 called upon lo­cal farmer An­drew Palmer to com­plete its ten­nis team in what was a suc­cess­ful week­end against Echuca South 1.

Rochester 1 eas­ily eclipsed its op­po­nent 11 sets to two in sec­tion one of the Cam­paspe Ten­nis As­so­ci­a­tion.


Sec­tion 1 Rochester 1 (11 sets, 93 games) def. Echuca South 1 (2 sets, 51 games) Zack Holm­berg played a great sin­gles set with­stand­ing the big shots to take the tie-break against Howard Arm­strong. Troy Holm­berg in sim­i­lar fash­ion with his big serve & vol­ley game came out trumps against Michael Sum­mers 6-1. Rochy 1 ladies led by Mandy Ding­wall, Chris­tine Hoop­pell, Jenny Crock­ett and Barb McCarty were on top of their op­po­nents win­ning 8-3, 8-7, 8-0 & 8-2. In the mixed, Rochy 1 ex­tended the lead. Troy & Mandy won 8-3, Zack & Chris­tine held nerve to win in a tie-break, An­drew and Jenny won 8-2 whilst Brian Letcher and Barb fin­ished the last set of the day 6-8. Rochester 2 (9 sets, 93 games) def. Echuca South 3 (4 sets, 50 games) Rochy 2 were al­ways in con­trol with both young guns Rhys Holm­berg and Nash Hock­ing in great form. The first mens dou­bles was a rip­per set to watch, full of big hit­ting from Greg Tiller and Justin Coghill but Souths Daryl Poole and Dy­lan Sta­ple­ton pre­vailed to win in the tie-break. In the sin­gles Coghill was de­feated by the ex­pe­ri­enced Poole 3-6. Holm­berg used great pre­ci­sion to put his op­po­nent away at 6-2. The in­clu­sion of Rach Ma­jor cer­tainly com­ple­mented the ladies, Louise Wil­liams, Leanne Gled­hill and young Alexan­dra In­gram win­ning all their sets con­vinc­ingly 8-3, 8-2, 8-2 and 8-1. Rochy 2 were too strong for South 3 on the day, win­ning by 43 games. Echuca Lawn 1 (8 sets, 84 games) def. LBU 1 (5 sets, 69 games) H. Melville and S. Faykle def. B. Kel­lett and C. Brn 8-6, H. Melville and B. Kel­lett 6-1, D. Mack­rell and A. Hig­gins lost to S. Brent­nall and M. Stone 5-8, I. Sin­nett and M. Moss def. J. Howlett and A. Todd 8-6, R. Marks and E. Can­ning lost to T. Ba­con and M. Brent­nall 6-8, H. Melville and I. Sin­nett lost to B. Kel­lett and J. Howlett 7-8, D. Mack­rell and R. Marks def. S. Brent­nall and T. Ba­con 8-6, I. Sin­nett and R. Marks def. J. Howlett and T. Ba­con 8-4, S. Fayle and M. Moss lost to C. Brn and M. Stone 5-8, A. Hig­gins and E. Can­ning def. A. Todd and M. Brent­nall 8-6, S. Fayle and A. Hig­gins def. C. Brn and A. Todd 8-0, M. Moss and E. Can­ning lost to M. Stone and M. Brent­nall 1-8, D. Mack­rell def. S. Brent­nall 6-0.

Sec­tion 2 Rochester 4 (10 sets, 68 games) def. LBU 2 (3 sets, 32 games) R. Fiedler and R. Baker def. M. Jones and B. Howlett 6-1, J. Baker def. M. Jones 6-3, B. Fiedler and C. Fiedler def. B. Hum­bert and J. McNair 6-3, J. Baker and H. Hock­ing def. L. Ross and R. Eade 6-0, J. Hock­ing and B. Baker lost to C. Gardiner and K. Dun­can 3-6, J. Baker and R. Fiedler def. M. Jones and C. Gardiner 6-0, J. Hock­ing and B. baker lost to C. Gardiner and K. Dun­can 3-6, J. Baker and R. Fiedler def. M. Jones amd C. Gardiner 6-0, B. Fiedler and J. Hock­ing def. B. Hum­bert and L. Ross 6-0, R. Fiedler and J. hock­ing def. C. Gard­nier and L. Ross 6-1, C. Fiedler and H. Hock­ing lost to J. McNair and B. Howlett 2-6, B. Baker and R. Baker def. K. Moroney and R. Eade 6-3, C. Fiedler and B. Baker def. J. McNair and K. Moroney 6-2, H. Hock­ing and R. Baker def. B. Howlett and K. Dun­can 6-1, B. Fiedler lost to B. Hum­bert 3-6. Rich River 2 (13 sets, 78 games) def. Rochester 3 (0 sets, 0 games) by for­feit.

Ju­nior A Rochester 5 (7 sets, 44 games) def. Rochester 7 (1 set, 27 games) Rochester 6 (6 sets, 39 games) def. LBU 3 (2 sets, 28 games) Echuca South 5 (3 sets, 37 games) def. LBU 4 (5 sets, 34 games) Bye: Echuca South 4

Ju­nior B Cam­paspe Rochester 8 (6 sets, 36 games) def. Col­binab­bin 2 (0 sets, 14 games) Echuca South 6 (3 sets, 30 games) def. Rochester 10 (3 sets, 29 games) Echuca South 7 (3 sets, 30 games) def. LBU 5 (3 sets, 27 games) Bye: Rochester 9

Ju­nior B Mur­ray Rochester 12 (4 sets, 28 games) def. Rochester 13 (2 sets, 18 games) Rich River 3 (3 sets, 28 games) def. Rochester 11 (3 sets, 25 games) Echuca South 8 (4 sets, 29 games) def. LBU 7 (2 sets, 22 games) Echuca South 9 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 6 (0 sets, 12 games)

Ju­nior C Rich River 4 (5 sets, 30 games) def. Rochester 16 (1 set, 23 games) Rochester 15 (3 sets, 29 games) def. Rochester 14 (3 sets, 28 games) Echuca Lawn 3 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 9 (0 sets, 1 game) LBU 8 (5 sets, 33 games) def. El­more 3 (1 set, 19 games)


GM3W Rochester (10 sets, 85 games) def. Echuca Cats (3 sets, 69 games) Jay­cob Ding­wall and Si­mon Ire­land showed great touch from the get go to claim 8-4 vic­tory. Rochy Tigers duo El­liott Tay­lor and Dil­lon Wil­liams showed great ath­leti­cism but were un­der fire from Phil Hig­gins and Roger Kirch­hofer go­ing down 2-8. In the sin­gles, Ding­wall opened up a few fore­hands to take the set 6-4 against Ryan More. Trick Tay­lor in his Tay’s Army sin­glet cov­ered ev­ery inch of the court but Hig­gins had the ball on a string 1-6. The ladies dou­bles were all tight with big ral­lies. Kate Lee and Lizzy In­gram dug their heels to win in the tie-break against Michelle Win­chomb and Jenny Town­row. It was sim­i­lar fash­ion on the next court with Karen Tay­lor and Sarah In­gram ral­ly­ing hard for ev­ery point to take the tie-break. As the heat in­ten­si­fied so did the ten­nis. Lee and Tay­lor joined forces to win 8-2 and the In­grams won 8-3. Rochy had a four game lead go­ing into the mixed. Ding­wall and Tay­lor worked over­time to even­tu­ally take the win in a nail bit­ing fin­ish againt Hig­gins and Town­row. Ire­land and Lee spent years on the op­po­site side of the net but clicked nicely to win 8-4 against More and Winch­comb. Tay­lor and Lizzy turned their op­po­nents in­side out to win 8-5. Wil­liams and Sarah bought it home with a 8-4 win. Bye: LBU

Photo: Luke He­mer.

Rochester’s Karen Tay­lor reaches for the ball.

Rochester’s Sarah In­gram takes con­trol at the net.

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