Rochy aces nail­bit­ing win

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ROCHESTER has hung on to win an in­cred­i­bly close game in the GMLTA.

An 8-3 fi­nal set saw Rochester win the match by a sin­gle game to claim over­all hon­ours at the ex­pense of Kyabram.

In the CTA, Rochester 1 held on for a seven-game win over Rochester 2.


Sec­tion 1 Rochester 1 (8 sets, 85 games) def. Rochester 2 (5 sets, 78 games)

T. Holm­berg and M. Ding­wall def. G. Tiller and L. Evans 8-4, Z. Holm­berg def. J. Coghill 6-3, Z. Holm­berg and S. Holm­berg def. N. Hock­ing and L. Wil­liams 8-5, H. Hoop­pell and C. Hoop­pell def. R. Holm­berg and L. Gled­hill 8-4, B. Letcher and J. Crock­ett def. J. Coghill and A. In­gram 8-7, Z. Holm­berg and H. Hoop­pell def. J. Coghill and R. Holm­berg 8-6, T. Holm­berg and B. Letcher lost to N. Hock­ing and G. Tiller 6-8, H. Hoop­pell and B. Letcher lost to R. Holm­berg and G. Tiller 4-8, M. Ding­wall and S. Holm­berg def. L. Evans and L. Wil­liams 8-5, C. Hoop­pell and B. McCarty lost to L. Gled­hill and A. In­gram 6-8, M. Ding­wall and C. Hoop­pell lost to L. Evans and L. Gled­hill 5-8, S. Holm­berg and J. Crock­ett lost to L. Wil­liams and A. In­gram 4-8, T. Holm­berg def. N. Hock­ing 6-4.

LBU 1 (10 sets, 88 games) def. Echuca South 3 (3 sets, 58 games)

D. Poole and B. Wright lost to B. Kel­lett and A. Todd 0-8, D. Poole lost to B. Kel­lett 4-6, S. Brent­nall and M. Brent­nall def. O. Poole and M. Sta­ple­ton 8-2, M. Bon­gio­vanni and M. Brent­nall def. D. Sta­ple­ton and M. Mol­luso 8-2, T. Ba­con and M. Howlett def. J. Quinn and L. Tay­lor 8-6, B. Kel­lett and M. Bon­gio­vanni def. D. Poole and D. Sta­ple­ton 8-5, S. Brent­nall and T. Ba­con def. O. Poole and J. Quinn 8-7, M. Bon­gio­vanni and T. Ba­con def. D. Sta­ple­ton and J. Quinn 8-0, A. Todd and M. Brent­nall lost to M. Sta­ple­ton and B. Wright 6-8, M. Stone and M. Howlett def. M. Mol­luso and L. Tay­lor 8-1, A. Todd and M. Stone def. M. Sta­ple­ton and M. Mol­luso 8-7, M. Brent­nall and M. Howlett def. B. Wright and L. Tay­lor 8-5, S. Brent­nall def. O. Poole 6-1. Sec­tion 2 Rochester 4 (6 sets, 64 games) def. Rochester 3 (7 sets, 63 games)

R. Fiedler and R. Wolfe def. C. Murray and K. Geb­bie 6-1, B. Fiedler lost to C. Murray 0-6, B. Fiedler and C. Fiedler lost to D. Pain and A. Pain 6-7, J. Hock­ing and H. Hock­ing def. R. Else and V. Snelling 6-2, J. Brooks and E. Ker­lin lost to W. Pea­cock and J. Mc­Cormick 2-6, B. Fiedler and R. Fiedler lost to C. Murray and R. Else 4-6, J. Hock­ing and J. Brooks def. D. Pain and W. Pea­cock 7-5, R. Fiedler and J. Brooks def. R. Else and W. Pea­cock 6-1, C. Fiedler and H. Hock­ing def. K. Geb­bie and A. Pain 6-4, R. Wolfe and E. Ker­lin lost to V. Snelling and J. Mc­Cormick 4-6, C. Fiedler and R. Wolfe lost to K. Geb­bie and V. Snelling 4-6, H. Hock­ing and E. Ker­lin def. A. Pain and J. Mc­Cormick 7-6, J. Hock­ing lost to D. Pain 6-7.

El­more 1 9 (11 sets, 74 games) def. LBU 2 (2 sets, 29 games)

J. Lee and R. John­son def. M. Jones and B. Howlett 6-0, J. Lee def. B. Hum­bert 6-0, S. Rath­jen and R. McIn­tyre def. B. Hum­bert and J. McNair 7-6, K. Ba­con and T. Pratt def. C. Gar­diner and R. Eade 6-0, K. Ba­con and R. McIn­tyre lost to L. Ross and K. Dun­can 3-6, J. Lee and B. Niven def. B. Hum­bert and M. Jones 6-0, S. Rath­jen and J. Holm­berg def. C. Gar­diner and L. Ross 6-3, K. Ba­con and J. Holm­berg def. M. Jones and L. Ross 6-3, R. John­son and T. Pratt def. J. McNair and B. Howlett 6-0, A. Ro­saia and R. McIn­tyre lost to K. Moroney and R. Eade 4-6, R. John­son and A. Ro­saia def. J. McNair and K. Moroney 6-4, T. Pratt and R. McIn­tyre def. B. Howlett and K. Dun­can 6-1, S. Rath­jen def. C. Gar­diner 6-0. Ju­nior A Rochester 5 ( 8 sets, 48 games) def. Rochester 6 (0 sets, 15 games)

LBU 4 (6 sets, 42 games) def. Rochester 7 (2 sets, 26 games)

Echuca South 4 (5 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 3 (3 sets, 33 games) Ju­nior B Cam­paspe Echuca Lawn 2 (4 sets, 32 games) def. LBU 5 (2 sets, 24 games)

Rochester 8 (4 sets, 30 games) def. El­more 2 (2 sets, 19 games)

Rochester 9 (4 sets, 29 games) def. Echuca South 6 (2 sets, 25 games) Bye: Rochester 10 Ju­nior B Murray Rochester 13 (4 sets, 30 games) def. Rochester 11 (2 sets, 19 games)

LBU 7 (4 sets, 31 games) def. Rochester 12 (2 sets, 27 games)

LBU 6 (4 sets, 26 games) def. Echuca South 8 (2 sets, 25 games) Ju­nior C Rochester 15 (5 sets, 35 games) def. Rich River 4 (1 set, 19 games)

Echuca Lawn 3 (4 sets, 29 games) def. Rochester 16 (2 sets, 20 games)

LBU 8 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 9 (0 sets, 3 games)

El­more 3 (3 sets, 27 games) def. Rochester 14 (3 sets, 22 games)


GM3W Kyabram Bombers (9 sets, 86 games) def. Lock­ing­ton Ba­mawm United (4 sets, 69 games)

J. Liver­sidge def. S. New­ton 6-2, B. Cox def. G. Hum­bert 6-0, J. Liver­sidge and G. El­liot def. S. New­ton and P. Condliffe 8-6, B. Cox and L. Holden def. G. Hum­bert and I. Haines 8-1, G. El­liot and L. Holden def. P. Condliffe and I. Haines 8-7, A. Py­croft and M. Porch lost to N. Ba­con and K. Condliffe 6-8, M. Hooper and L. Say­well lost to F. Bail and L. Toohey 4-8, A. py­croft and M. Hooper lost to N. Ba­con and F. Bail 2-8, M. Porch and L. Say­well def. M. Haines and L. Toohey 8-4, J. Liver­sidge and M. Porch def. P. Condliffe and N. Ba­con 8-4, B. Cox and M. Hooper def. S. New­ton and L. Toohey 8-6, G. El­liott and A. Py­croft lost to G. Hum­bert and K. Condliffe 6-8, L. Holden and L. Say­well def. I. Haines and M. Haines 8-7.

Rochester (7 sets, 88 games) def. Kyabram Red­backs (7 sets, 87 games)

J. Ding­wall lost to T. Schu­mann 3-6, Z. Holm­berg def. M. Cox 6-4, E. In­gram def. E. Cox 6-4, S. In­gram lost to W. Cox 2-6, J. Ding­wall and J. In­gram def. T. Schu­mann and J. Dick­son 8-5, Z. Holm­berg and E. Tay­lor lost to M. Cox and G. Brega 7-8, J. In­gram and E. Tay­lor def. J. Dick­son and G. Brega 8-7, K. Tay­lor and K. Lee lost to E. Cox and J. McCon­nell 7-8, S. In­gram and R. Ma­jor lost to W. Cox and T. Leahy 7-8, K. Lee and R. Ma­jor def. J. McCon­nell and T. Leahy 8-6, J. Ding­wall and R. Ma­jor lost to J. Dick­son and J. McCon­nell 4-8, E. Tay­lor and K. Lee def. T. Schu­mann and W. Cox 8-6, J. In­gram and E. In­gram lost to M. Cox and E. Cox 6-8, Z. Holm­berg and K. Tay­lor def. G. Brega and T. Leahy 8-3.

Photo: Luke He­mer

Col­binabin’s Megan Mor­gan pre­pares to serve to her Rich River op­po­nent.

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