The method to the mad­ness

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Ex­plor­ing this grand coun­try of ours is like sec­ond na­ture to most of us. I mean, if some­one says let’s go camp­ing, I’m on to it like Santa Claus on Christ­mas Eve! But let’s face it – not all peo­ple share the same en­thu­si­asm. There’s a fair few peo­ple out there that never want to go camp­ing... pe­riod! Each to their own I sup­pose, but when camp­ing is dead-set in your blood, it’s kind of hard to un­der­stand why some peo­ple will hap­pily turn their nose up at it.

So these past few weeks, I’ve been do­ing a lit­tle re­con work. I spoke to a few fair-dinkum city slickers and got the low-down on what’s so ter­ri­ble about the great out­doors. What did I find? Well, the num­ber one cause was a pre­vi­ous bad ex­pe­ri­ence! Yep, it turns out a night spent get­ting eaten alive by mozzies, bat­tling with an aching back in the morn­ing and miss­ing the footy on TV is enough to make a bloke hate camp­ing, es­pe­cially when you’re used to the com­fort of city life. On the other side of the spec­trum, ap­par­ently freez­ing your toosh off in the mid­dle of win­ter while you’re strug­gling to get damp wood to burn just enough to cook a few snags that are still soggy from the bot­tom of the ice­box isn’t very en­joy­able ei­ther.

If you’re a sea­soned cam­per there’s a good chance you know ex­actly what all that feels like, too, God knows I do! But we can laugh about it now, eh? Why? Well, it’s be­cause if you’re lucky enough to per­sist through a few un­com­fort­able trips away, there’s a good chance you’ve ex­pe­ri­enced the plus-side. You know what I’m talk­ing about here. I’m re­fer­ring to ev­ery­thing from those spec­tac­u­lar out­back sun­sets to the magic that a full blan­ket of stars can cre­ate. It’s the aroma of a camp feed cook­ing per­fectly in the late arvo, or watch­ing the kids have an ab­so­lute blast as they ex­plore the great out­doors. It’s the seren­ity, free­dom and peace­ful­ness you feel when you’re drift­ing to sleep in a ham­mock over­look­ing your own lit­tle stretch of coast. But most of all it’s the in­ner-peace you feel, when you get it all just right! Call me crazy, but if I’ve got to work through the bad times to get to the good, it’s bloody well worth it! While there’s al­ways go­ing to be those who think we’re ab­so­lutely mad for ac­tu­ally en­joy­ing camp­ing, we all know the truth – I guess there re­ally is a method to the mad­ness! We’re just the lucky ones who get to see it!

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