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Be­lieve it or not, a ve­hi­cle’s seat belt can be an in­valu­able tool for bush me­chanic re­pairs. The rea­son be­ing that the ma­te­rial is amaz­ingly strong. You’ll find the lash­ing ca­pac­ity is well above your av­er­age ratchet strap! You can use it to strap things to­gether, or skull-drag just about any­thing you want. Heck, I’ve used it to re­move stub­bornly tight oil fil­ters, and hoist com­plete en­gine blocks in the air. So, if you’re in des­per­ate need of a rope or strap and don’t have one handy, maybe that third row of sets that doesn’t get used can come in handy, eh?

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