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Any­one se­ri­ous about ex­plor­ing Australia in a 4WD must be up to speed with the ve­hi­cle’s cor­rect tyre pres­sures in any given sit­u­a­tion. Con­trary to pop­u­lar be­lief, tyre pres­sures are not so much de­ter­mined by the type or size of tyre but the ve­hi­cle’s load and speed. Main­tain­ing the cor­rect tyre pres­sure will ex­tend the life of your tyres, im­prove ve­hi­cle safety and im­prove fuel ef­fi­ciency so it’s well worth fa­mil­iaris­ing your­self with the ins and outs.

When you spend much time of­froad, you soon work out the ben­e­fits of low­er­ing tyre pres­sures when you hit the dirt. Cor­rect tyre pres­sures can make the dif­fer­ence be­tween four per­fectly good tyres or a da­m­aged one. Once you’ve re­placed a tyre, or two, you soon re­alise it’s too ex­pen­sive to con­tinue de­stroy­ing good-qual­ity rub­ber.

Yep, it takes time to let air out of the tyres but it will re­sult in a much softer ride, es­pe­cially for the peo­ple in the back. On short stretches of dirt road you can prob­a­bly get away with not chang­ing the tyre pres­sures but if you’re go­ing to be trav­el­ling down an un­sealed track at 80km/h, it’s a good idea to lower the pres­sures, es­pe­cially when you’re tow­ing be­cause you could rat­tle ev­ery­thing to pieces.

The same ap­plies when you’re back on the black­top – you need to in­flate your tyres to en­sure even wear as un­der-in­flated tyres can re­sult in re­duc­ing the tyre life. You’ll also ex­pe­ri­ence rolling re­sis­tance which di­rectly af­fects the fuel ef­fi­ciency.

Back in the day, when Chris and I did the first Big Lap we used a ba­sic dial tyre gauge. It did the job but it wasn’t ter­ri­bly ac­cu­rate. So when we started plan­ning for our seven-week trip to the Red Cen­tre we de­cided it was time to up­date.

The Bushranger Dig­i­tal Tyre Gauge was the ob­vi­ous choice as Bushranger has been pro­duc­ing high-qual­ity 4WD ac­ces­sories for more than 35 years, at af­ford­able prices. All Bushranger prod­ucts come with a no-fuss war­ranty of up to five years as well.


The dig­i­tal tyre gauge fea­tures a large back­lit LCD dis­play which was handy for check­ing tyre pres­sures early in the morn­ing or late at night. It also has a pocket clip and a rub­ber seal. The tyre gauge is ac­cu­rate to 0.1 psi and reads psi, bar and kPa. Due to its com­pact size, it fit­ted per­fectly into our glove­box where it is al­ways eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble. The gauge runs on two AA bat­ter­ies which can be eas­ily re­moved.

Dur­ing our ad­ven­ture in Cen­tral Australia, we ven­tured of­froad many times and reg­u­larly had to change the tyre pres­sures, both on the car and the cam­per trailer. The Bushranger dig­i­tal tyre gauge was easy to use, ac­cu­rate and au­to­mat­i­cally switched off so we didn’t have to worry about flat­ten­ing the bat­tery.

Con­sid­er­ing the use we got out of this small piece of equip­ment, it has been a great ad­di­tion to our toolkit

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