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If you’re hav­ing a crack at mount­ing a solar panel, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is to keep the wiring dis­con­nected from the bat­tery un­til it’s all done, but re­mem­ber the solar panel doesn’t have an off switch, so it’s al­ways live. Us­ing spe­cialised solar panel mounts will help en­sure there is enough ven­ti­la­tion un­der the panel to reg­u­late the heat. Mount them nice and se­curely us­ing Sikaflex. I used Sikaflex 252 to get the job done, which is the rec­om­mended for­mula for this ap­pli­ca­tion. When it comes to mount­ing the solar reg­u­la­tor, make sure it’s as close to the bat­tery as pos­si­ble. The idea is to re­duce the amount of volt­age drop in the ca­bles, which can cause in­cor­rect volt­age sig­nals to be re­ceived by the con­troller – yep, it mucks things right up!

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