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In the pur­suit of be­ing able to have a hol­i­day too, I’ll of­ten pre-pre­pare meals to take away on a week­end camp­ing trip. This is fab­u­lous for shorter trips, but if you have a fixed amount of stor­age space and need to re­sup­ply when you’re on the road long term, it can lead to a ner­vous break­down. You can only buy as much food as you can fit into your camper trailer. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of space-sav­ing packing ideas, like de­hy­drat­ing food, but when you're on the road you prob­a­bly won’t have this lux­ury. Es­pe­cially if you plan to tour through some re­mote ar­eas, you can’t plan to be food shop­ping two or three times a week – you may need to stock up and know that you have all the mak­ings for a week or more of meals. I stock ba­si­cally the same foods when we first leave home as to what I plan to buy along the way, that way ev­ery­thing has a place. I know this con­tainer can hold five 1L tetra packs of milk, so that’s how many I buy – they’ll fit, and I know they’ll last us five days. At the shop­ping cen­tre car park all the con­tain­ers come out for fill­ing (the boot is full of camp­ing gear, so there's no room to stash shop­ping bags of gro­ceries to take home). Meat gets pulled out of their bulky trays and put into snap-lock bags for freez­ing, bread into the bread box, muesli bar boxes are emp­tied into the snack box… Not your usual car park an­tics, but the ef­fort saves a lot of space and stress later on.

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