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THERE’S A lot that goes into se­lect­ing a spot to shoot a camper trailer. There needs to be a mix of ter­rain so we can gauge what the trailer’s ac­tu­ally like to tow. If it wig­gles around at high speed or pokes you in the back over every bump we need to know. It’s also gotta be tech­ni­cally chal­leng­ing so we can as­sess how the camper per­forms of­froad. And lastly, it needs to be some­where scenic. No one wants to read a re­view of a camper in the lo­cal McDon­ald’s carpark. So what do you do when the man­u­fac­turer only has one model in the whole world and you’re given the keys for just one day? You get cre­ative. I’m lucky enough to live in the Blue Moun­tains, but the camp­grounds are of­ten busy, and al­ways bol­larded. The Na­tional Park also ex­clu­sively serves in­ter­na­tional tourists on tour buses, so there’s not much pris­tine bush­land to go ex­plor­ing with­out a gate in the way. But there’s still plenty of back roads they haven’t man­aged to put gates on yet, and some hap­pen to get you to some of the most mag­i­cal spots you’ll find. This camp­ground on top of a cliff look­ing out over a mas­sive val­ley is the re­sult of ex­plor­ing a sim­ple side track I’ve driven past count­less times. You never know what’s out there if you don’t go look­ing, so don’t be afraid to miss the turn-off to the booked-out camp­grounds and find your own slice of par­adise.

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