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Camper Trailer Australia - - CAMPING WITH DOGS -

NAT­U­RALLY, it’s vi­tal for dogs to have plenty of shade and wa­ter through­out the day. A 'tell-tail' sign of doggy de­hy­dra­tion is if you pinch and lift up the skin on the back of the neck and it takes longer than usual to fall back down. Plus, it’s also worth know­ing that dogs can’t sweat – they pant in­stead. If you think your dog is over­heat­ing, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, make sure their wa­ter is nice and cold, which may mean adding a block of ice to the mix. Also, dogs ac­tu­ally cool off from the bot­tom up, so wet­ting a towel and let­ting them lie down on it can help as well. If they start dig­ging on a hot day, they’re usu­ally try­ing to make a cooler patch to lie on. Oh, and if you plan on trav­el­ling with the dog on the back of a ute, make sure the tray’s surface doesn’t get too hot and shade is avail­able if they need it.

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