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RE­GARD­ING the Coun­cil News Jul/Aug/ Sep Is­sue 32 pub­li­ca­tion.

This glossy pub­li­ca­tion (only costs 19c to print) would be more ap­pre­ci­ated if it was timely in its con­tents.

My copy was re­ceived on Septem­ber 18 so most of the What’s On re­ally should have been la­belled What’s Been.

Among the ar­ti­cles were wild dog bait­ing pre-reg­is­tra­tion closed on Septem­ber 7, Cy­cle Queens­land in Gayn­dah on Septem­ber 8 and in Biggen­den Septem­ber 9 and the framed photo com­pe­ti­tion closed Septem­ber 7.

The front page con­tains pie-graphs of Bud­get 2012-13.

What do they tell the av­er­age ratepayer who does not pos­sess a de­gree in ac­count­ing?

It seems that rev­enue is $43.1mil­lion and ex­pen­di­ture $46.4mil­lion (have we lost $3.3mil­lion?).

How­ever on the same page rev­enue is $43.1mil­lion and ex­pen­di­ture $37.5mil­lion (have we gained $5.6mil­lion?).

Coun­cil stresses that rates have risen by 3.5% butwhat each of us have to look at is the bot­tom line of the rates and util­ity charges bill.

In my par­tic­u­lar case an over­all in­crease of 9% which is made up of the fol­low­ing in­creases wa­ter ac­cess 19%, sew­er­age 12%, garbage 8%, en­vi­ron­men­tal levy 17%.

The above does not in­clude the 24.5% in­crease in the price of me­tered wa­ter.

The type of in­for­ma­tion I feel­would in­ter­est ratepay­ers would be com­par­isons over sev­eral years of staff num­bers in­door staff (di­rec­tors, man­agers, and other staff) and field staff (su­per­vi­sors, over­seers, op­er­a­tors, and other staff).

Or an ex­pla­na­tion of the need to have equal­ity in wa­ter and sew­er­age charges when each town has dif­fer­ent is­sues – some have debt and high run­ning costswhilst oth­ers are less ex­pen­sive to op­er­ate.

The idea of a pub­li­ca­tion like Coun­cil News is great but let’s make sure it is timely and presents the is­sues in a way that peo­ple can un­der­stand. Brian Led­widge,


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