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MEN’S re­sults to Oc­to­ber 14. Com­pe­ti­tion: Satur­day, Oc­to­ber 13, saw the com­ple­tion of the Mixed Fours Com­pe­ti­tion. In the morn­ing Mary Hamil­ton, Jean King, John King and Tim White were de­feated by Gwen Hamp­son, Ted May, Jean Jasch and Bob Kerr 25-15. Af­ter lunch the fi­nal was played against the team of Phyl­lis Wil­liams, Heather and Garry Price and Alan Lit­tle. Af­ter a very even start the score was 5 all af­ter six ends. Lit­tle then won the next three ends to lead 11-5. Over the next eight ends Kerr fought back to be down 15-17 and then scored 9 shots on the next three ends to lead 24-17 and with Lit­tle only able to score a sin­gle on the last end the match ended at 24-18. So­cial Satur­day, Oc­to­ber 6 T Barker and M Tor­rens def. B Tor­rens and J Muller 26-12. K Her­bener and K Roth def. S John­son and B Woodall 23-14. G Hamp­son and L Woodall def. J Pick and J Jasch 24-18. Satur­day, Oc­to­ber 13. L Woodall and R Larsen def. N Devenish and T Barker 24-16. S John­son, B Woodall and K Roth def. V Gib­bon, J James and J Muller 23-12. Com­ing up: This Thurs­day the com­ple­tion of the washed out fi­nal of the Mens Triples. This week­end the Triples carnival. Sun­day, Oc­to­ber 28. Friend­ship day in Biloela.


EIDSVOLD Bowls Club Road Kill Beef Day spon­sored by Shep­herd­son and Boyd, A&S Coates, Greenup Eidsvold Sta­tion, Di­a­mond H Santa Gertrudis, Birch Drought­mas­ter, Ma­roon Feed­lot , Wathonga Feed­lot and Mel­brig Feed­lot. Sun­day, Oc­to­ber 14, Teams from Ta­room, Theodore, Cal­liope and lo­cal ar­eas. Scor­ing: 10 for a win, 1 for an end - To­tal of 18 ends for Round. Round 1: R Dillon, T May, J Muller, B Woodall (25) d J Brad­shaw, B Har­ris, R Chris­tiansen, Macca (7) {22 - 6} L Tucker, F Wedemeyer, D Mor­ton, D John­son (17) d Steely, B Wen­gel, J Krause, L Krause (14) {20 - 8} L Pace, H Lins­kett, MLins­kett, S Bu­canan (15) d D Woods, B Rose, J Rose, S Shoe­craft (8) {21 - 7} B Tor­rens, T Barker, M Tor­rens, K Roth (24) d R Bligh, J Wedemeyer, K Horn, R Hartwig (12) {22 - 6} B Gle­ich, N Lamkin, G But­ler, Spiro(16) d C Swift, R Par­sons, K Don­ner, J Phipps (15) {19 - 9} M Latza, M Mar­riage, G Paul­son, E Waugh (23) d M Pen­gelly, K Pen­gelly, D&P Hind­marsh (6) {23 - 5} S Hamp­son, M Smith, L Ogle, J Jasch (29) d P Hartwig, J Hartwig, L Payne, N Hall (11) {22 - 6} Round 2 - Skips Only. B Woodall (19) d R Hartwig (17) {19 - 9}: D John­son (19) dMLins­kett (12) {20 -8}: L Krause (32) d S Shoe­craft (11) {22 - 6}: E Waugh (18) d J Jasch (15) {22 - 6} P Hind­marsh (13) J Phipps (13) {14 -14}: Spiro (19) d N Hall (17) {20 -8} K Roth (34) d Macca (4) {27 -1} Win­ning Teams K Roth (49) E Waugh (45) B Woodall ((41) Tail En­ders Macca (Ta­room).


MEN’S: The Mary­bor­ough team of S Henry, T Jamieson, T Learoyd and N Jamieson took out the Biggen­den Bowls Club’s two-day men’s carnival. This team was the only rink to go through the week­end with­out los­ing a game. Run­ners up were R Gould, S Car­ling, J Jardin and G Skelly of Moore Park while third were the Biggen­den team of Des Lewis, Craig Egan, Roger Wil­son and Ivan Bar­nett. The Mary­bor­ough team led by John Cruice were fourth. There will be a visit from Wide Bay Vets this Sun­day. This will be a mixed day. Play­ers will be re­quired so put names on board be­fore to­mor­row. There will be a spe­cial gen­eral meet­ing this Satur­day at 1pm and will be fol­lowed by bowls. The J&J Mo­tors Bowls Day is be­ing held on Satur­day, Novem­ber 3. Names must be in by 2.30pm for 3pm start with bar­be­cue tea. Scores: Satur­day, Game 1, A McColm, G Gees, P Bennett, K Smith 16 d T O’Shea, B Gal­way, R Weir, R Win­zar 9; D Humphries, R Lang­han, WLack, D Smith 16 d P Hunter, S Patch, F Re­ichert, L Gen­rich 8; S Henry, T Jamieson, T Learoyd, N Jamieson 18 d O Raines 15; J Cruice 21 d J Abel, B Trudgan, D Roulf, L Ma­son 8; K Milzewski, R Wells, C Far­sons, B Braid 17 d B Sechtic, S Car­ney, G Reed, A Strowger 11; I Blue, R Win­dow, P Davies, R Te­bay 16 d R Gould, S Car­lin, J Jar­dine, G Skelly 7; D Lewis, C Egan, RWil­son, I Bar­nett 14 d G Vi­cary, J O’Rourke, E O’Rourke, A Lit­zow 12; B Ke­une, K Slack, S Myer, B Pry­goda 18 d D Shaw, S Brown, R Ftiz, C Wil­liams 10. Game 2, skips names only, I Bar­nett 15 d B Pry­goda 14; K Smith 25 d C Wil­liams 10; GSkelly 16 d A Lit­zow 9; A Strowger 18 d R Te­bay 5; J Cruice 15 d B Braid 13; N Jamieson 14 d L Ma­son 9; L Gen­rich 20 dORaines 14; DSmith 21 d R Win­zar 7. Game 3, skips names only, O Raines 14 d R Win­zar 8; I Bar­nett 13 dKSmith 12; L Ma­son 19 d L Gen­rich 6; C Wil­liams 20 dDSmith 7; B Braid 22 d N Jamieson 10; J Cruice 15 tied with R Te­bay 15; A Lit­zow 19 d A Strowger 12; B Pry­goda 17 d G Skelly 12. Sun­day, Game 4, skips names only, L Ma­son 12 d R Win­zar 10; G Skelly 19 d K Smith 8; B Braid 17 d L Gen­rich 7; D Smith 21 d I Bar­nett 7; N Jamieson 18 d R Te­bay 7; C Wil­liams 29 d O Raines 5; A Lit­zow 16 d J Cruice 13; B Pry­goda 17 d A Strowger 13. Game 5, skips names only, J Cruice 14 d B Pry­goda 11; L Ma­son 11 d C Wil­liams 10; N Jamieson 19 d A Lit­zow 3; I Bar­nett 15 d O Raines 14; L Gen­rich 21 d R Te­bay 7; G Skelly 14 d D Smith 9; B Braid 22 d R Win­zar 18; B Strowger 22 d K Smith 15.

LADIES: The Gin Gin team of Hazel My­ers, Frank Mil­l­er­ick, Jeanette Wil­son and Bo­liva Mil­l­er­ick were the win­ners of the Fi­esta Fours played for at the Biggen­den Ladies Bowl­ing Club. Run­ners up were the Mary­bor­ough team of L Par­sons, K Ber­nicke, C Par­sons and C Nor­man. Third place were the lo­cal team of Mar­i­lyn O’Rourke, Fay Hop­per, Greg Vi­cary and Ivan Bar­nett while fourth were the Gayn­dah rink of Alan Cooper, Beryl Palmer, Gary Thomp­son and An­drew McLeod. Re­sults Game 1: L Par­sons, K Ber­nicke, C Par­sons, C Nor­man 21 d R Olig­muller 12; H My­ers, F Mil­l­er­ick, J Wil­son, B Mil­l­er­ick 20 d S Wil­liams, J Scholl, A Scholl, C Wil­liams 12; L Petrie, A O’Brien, V Tutt, D Chap­man 17 d L Pace, H Sip­pel, C Tay­lor, B Sip­pel 11; L&G Clut­ter­buck, R McLaren, MKemp 19 d M O’Rourke, F Hop­per, G Vi­cary, I Bar­nett 15; A Cooper, B Palmer, G Tay­lor, A McLeod 17 d S Rose, K Turn­bull, J Rose, R Turn­bull 14; G Tay­lor, B Wen­gel, A Faulkner, B Pry­goda 19 d D Lewis, S Jor­dan, R Wil­son, S Wil­son 10. Game 2, skips names only: R Turn­bull 23 d S Wil­son 7; I Bar­nett 19 d B Pry­goda 5; A McLeod 21 d M Kemp 7; C Wil­liams 20 dDChap­man 10; CNor­man 24 d B Sip­pel 6; B Mil­l­er­ick 25 d R Olig­muller 4. Game 3, skips names only: R Olig­muller 16 d D Chap­man 11; C Nor­man 18 d C Wil­liams 15; B Mil­l­er­ick 23 d B Sip­pel 8; M Kemp 16 d, S Wil­son 11; I Bar­nett 21 d R Turn­bull 11; B Pry­goda 15 A McLeod 14.

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