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RE­SULTS to Oc­to­ber 21. Over the week­end of Oc­to­ber 20-21 the Monto Men’s Bowls Club con­ducted a suc­cess­ful 3-bowl triples carnival with 24 teams com­pet­ing in hot con­di­tions on ex­cel­lent greens. The method of scor­ing was 5 rounds of 18 ends with 10 points for a win and one for each end. No dead ends, no ties (play an ex­tra end) and no time limit. Only 1 team was un­de­feated and that was Rod Ride­out, Shane Cummins and Brian Chalmers who fin­ished with 5 wins 103 points. 2nd was Merv Horne, John Kemp and John Bur­ras­ton with 4 wins 93 on a count­back from 3rd, Bob Kerr, Phil Mor­gan and Roger Stubbs. 4th. Place went to An­drew Ra­guse, Craig Smith and E Mars­den, 4 wins 91 and 5th. to Gerry But­ler, Alan Koy and Nifty with 4 wins 89. Round win­ners went to Rd 1. Gor­don Young, Bill Walker and Bill Smith. Rd 2. Damien Ride­out, Col Hayes and Ian Ho­gan Rd 3. Keith Roth, Peter Hind­marsh and Ivan Stiller. Rd 4. Tony Wedel, K Shield and A War­ren. Rd 5 Mark Tor­rens, Alan Lit­tle and Barry Hamp­son. Scores. Rd 1. R Cooney, WHen­ney and R Gourlay def. N Hall, T May andMSmith 20-9 (22 points to 6)G But­ler, A Koy and N Lamkin def. K Rothy, P Hind­marsh and I Stiller 23-9 (21-7)R Ride­out, S Cummins and B Chalmers def. M Tor­rens, A Lit­tle and B Hamp­son 15-14. (19-9) G Young, B Walker and B Smith def. D Ride­out, C Hayes and I Ho­gan 17-9 (23-5). J James, R Hamp­son and Reg Hamp­son def. B Turn­bull B Richard­son and I Blue 18-17 (19-9) P Os­borne, E White­side and J O’Donnell def. T Wedel, K Shield and A war­ren 22-10 (21-7). B Pry­goda, GPrice and H Kirk­wood def. G Bog­art, K Ber­nicke and P Hunter 19-18 (17-11) MWil­son, A Har­ris and K Put­ney def. A Ra­guse, C Smith & E Mars­den 20-13 (22-6) M Horne, J Kemp & J Bur­ras­ton def. T White, D McColm & S Myer 19-11 (20-8). C Nor­man, P Brown & L Stein­berg def. BWoodall, T Neilsen and J King 15-14 (20-8). R Kerr, P Mor­gan and R Stubbs def. B John­ston, T Lloyd and G Frost 21-6 (22-6). B Kielly, C Mc­Cro­hon and T Barker def. P Ives, H Classen and N Loader 25-24 (20-8). Rd 2 Skips only. D Ride­out def. B Turn­bull 19-5 (24-4) R Kerr def. R Cooney 2018 (19-9) G Bog­art def. M Horne 21-20 (18-10) M Tor­rens def. M Wil­son 29-7 (22-6) T White def. B Pry­goda 29-14 (20-8)A Ra­guse def. B John­ston 23-18 (21-7) G Young def. TWedel 31-11 (23-5) R Ride­out def. P Ives 26-9 (23-5). B Kielly def. K Roth 35-11 (23-5). G But­ler def. N Hall 22-15 (21-7). C Nor­man def. J James 15-11 (20-8). B Woodall def. P Os­borne 18-16 (18-10). Rd 3. R Kerr def. M Wil­son 21-17 (19-9) M Horne def. J James 30-9 (22-6) R Ride­out def. N Hall 2215 (19-9). A Ra­guse def. R Cooney 32-8 (23-5). K Roth def. B John­ston 18-7 (23-5). M Tor­rens def. B Kielly 24-10 (22-6). G But­ler def. P Ives 22-9 (22-6). TWedel def. C Nor­man 21-15 (19-9). P Os­borne def. D Ride­out 31-12 (21-7). B Pry­goda def. BWoodall 18-12 (20-8). G Young def. G Bog­art 27-15 (21-7) B Turn­bull def. T White 27-20 (19-9). Rd 4. P Ives def. T White 19-10 (22-6). T Wedel def. K Roth 24-7 (22-6). R Ride­out def. C Nor­man 19-15 (21-7). N Hall def. J James 19-16 (19-9) R Kerr def. B Woodall 2712 (24-4). G But­ler def. B Pry­goda 17-16 on an ex­tra end (1810). MHorne def. B John­ston 1913 (21-7). B Turn­bull def. R Cooney 14-11 (18-10). D Ride­out def. M Tor­rens 16-12 (19-9). M Wil­son def. G Young 27-13 (21-7). B Kielly def. P Os­borne 23-14 (20-8) A Ra­guse def. G Bog­art 17-16 (10-8). Rd 5. M Horne def. TWedel 23-17 (20-8). B Turn­bull def. G Bog­art 20-17 (19-9) M Wil­son def. P Ives 2314 (22-6). A Ra­guse def. G But­ler 28-11 (21-7). B Kielly def. R Kerr 15-11 (19-9). MTor­rens def. R Cooney 30-6 (24-4). R Ride­out def. K Roth 34-11 (21-7). N Hall def. B John­ston 17-16 on an ex­tra end (19-9). B Pry­goda def. J James 18-13 (18-6 match un­fin­ished). B Woodall def. G Young 14-10 (21-7). D Ride­out def. C Nor­man 24-12 (20-8). T White def. P Os­borne 17-9 (21-7). Com­ing up. The Friend­ship Shield day in Biloela this Sun­day has been post­poned. AGM and tro­phy pre­sen­ta­tion day on Sun­day, Novem­ber 11. Past pres­i­dents AGM at Bin­jour on Satur­day, Novem­ber 10.


LAST Fri­day night 16 play­ers took to the green for so­cial bowls. The night started with a sausage siz­zle with bowls start­ing at 6.30pm. The game con­sisted of 14 ends with win­ner be­ing de­cided by high­est score.

Night bowls will continue weather per­mit­ting un­til De­cem­ber. Re­sults: Rus­sell Cherry, Veronica Dar­ling­ton, Alex Colvin, Alan Cooper 12 def Peter Thomp­son, Peter Hodges, Robyn Put­ney, Gary Tay­lor 10. Karen Kirk, Pam Tay­lor, Rick Bellert, An­drew McLeod 17 def Rob­bie Kirk, Ces Gre­gory, Gra­ham Briggs, Warick Bellert 5. Up­com­ing events at Bin­jour Pres­i­dent Day on Novem­ber 4, Christ­mas break-up on Novem­ber 18.


WIDE Bay Vet­er­ans Bowls team vis­ited Biggen­den Club on Sun­day for a game of bowls. Scores: B Watkins, L McLough­lin, J Duff 14 d N Mar­shall, M McDon­ald, M An­drews 6; L Har­ling­ton, V Pater­son, B Ho­vard 10 d D Lewis, L Bas­sett, JWood7; V Page, L Ei­nam, C Egan 11 d H Pirzl, B Fox, J Wittmann 10; B La Pla, KDay, KDowl­ing 13 dHRel­ton, M Ty­d­hof, G Vi­cary 9; MWil­son, R Bas­sett, R Ei­nam 13 d J McCor­mac, R Wil­son, L Dodd. This Fri­day night is the start of night bowls for the sea­son. Names in by 6pm for a 6.30pm start. On Sun­day the John Cormie and Pat Davis Friend­ship Shield will be played. Lunch at noon with bowls to fol­low.

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