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THE sec­ond round of the three-way meet was held at Monto on Sun­day, with Monto go­ing into the fi­nal round at Biloela next year with a handy lead of 43 over Moura and 54 over Biloela, for the best 10 scores.

Sun­day scores: Monto 396, Biloela 327, Moura 324. Pro­gres­sive scores: Monto 754, Moura 711, Biloela 700.

Sun­day tro­phy win­ners, Biloela: Ni­cole Mills 35, Gra­hame Dorsett 37; Moura: Karen Gan­non 38, Paul Con­way 35; Monto: He­len Irvine 38, Ge­orge Au­gen­stein 43. Run­down, Biloela: D McDon­ald 35, A Grimshaw 34, D Brown 33, V Gar­rett 32, J Af­fleck 31; Moura: D Myles 35, K Myles 34, K Lam­bert-Barker 34, P Lam­bert-Barker 30, B Maller 30; Monto: DJ Zi­eth 42, J Atkin­son 40, A Lit­tle 40, R Mar­bach 39, A Ste­wart 39.

Men’s pin and ap­proach shots: 1 – D Myles (25cm); 3 – K Lam­bert-Barker (5.51m); 6 – B John­ston (1.76m); 8 – D Zi­eth (5.72m); 9 – B John­ston (3.55m). Ladies pin and ap­proach shots: 4 – P Lam­bert-Barker (43cm); 5 – D Brown (40cm); 6 – D Brown (in the hole); 9 – V Gar­rett (11.2m).

Thanks to Glad­stone Nis­san for pro­vid­ing the tro­phies and to mem­bers who as­sisted. Sun­day was also the qual­i­fy­ing round for hand­i­cap match play, with round one to be played Sun­day: Ge­orge Au­gen­stein v Tony Dillon; Dar­ryl Zi­eth v Brett McI­nally; Roy Mar­bach v Mark Cur­tis; Alan Ste­wart v Lau­rie Bar­nett; Adrian Kum­mer­feld v Boyd John­ston; Glenn Evans v Wal Wilkes; Shane Tay­lor v Damien Zi­eth; Leesa Ison v John Lynn. Events com­ing up: Oc­to­ber 4 – Stroke (Monto HomeDe­sign); 11 – Stable­ford (Monto Tyre Cen­tre); 18 – Pres­i­dent Tony Dillon’s day.

Novem­ber 24 –Three Per­son Ambrose; 25 – Vets Chal­lenge (Wal Wilkes). Thurs­day Sporters – Stable­ford re­sults: Ge­orge Au­gen­stein 30; sec­ond – Wal Wilkes 26; third – John Atkin­son 23; fourth – Brett McI­nally 22; pin shot – Shane Tay­lor.


MONTHLY Medal on Sun­day, Oc­to­ber 28. Ladies played a sin­gle stroke com­pe­ti­tion for tro­phies do­nated by Lor­raine Lin­den­mayer. Re­sults: Win­ner Chris­tine Vi­cary 87/68 OCB from Vida Zipf 107/68.

Monthly Medal first grade: C Vi­cary 87/68; sec­ond grade: V Zipf 107/68; ball run down: Vida Zipf 107/68; Lor­raine Lin­den­mayer 82/69. Putting comp: L Lin­den­mayer, L Car­lyon 32. Club shot 4: E Kim­ber; spon­sor’s long­est putt 6: E Kim­ber; Spon­sor’s acc shot 5: G Lee.

Re­sults of the men’s stroke com­pe­ti­tion, tro­phies do­nated by­Wayne Pash­ley. Win­ner David Zipf 72/66 OCB from Brian Pad­don 93/66 and Ian Wil­liams 99/66.

Monthly medal A grade: D Zipf 72/ 66; B grade: MDowe 84/67; C grade: B Pad­don 93/66 and I Wil­liams 99/66. Club pin shot 5: J Kim­ber; spon­sors 4 and 9: J Sher­wood; ball run down: B Pad­don 93/66, I Wil­liams 99/66, M Dowe 84/67, B Holzheimer 80/68, R Tra­har 96/68. Brad­mans: J Kim­ber 91/ 80. Fi­nals of Kim­ber hand­i­cap match­play, men: G Car­lyon d S Zipf 4/2; ladies: L Mes­ner d V Zipf, 1up.

Sun­day, Novem­ber 4: monthly medal fi­nals and stroke com­pe­ti­tion for Ian and Sue Maskovich’s tro­phies. AGM Novem­ber 20.

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