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JOHN James en­tered the world in 1937 and lived at Casino, New South Wales, un­til he was eight.

He then moved to the fam­ily farm at Cedar Creek Rd near Moon­ford.

On the farm the ar­eas of pro­duc­tion­were dairy, beef cat­tle, pigs and grain crops.

The farm cov­ered 1200 acres and there was also a 5000-acre forestry lease.

Young John started at Gat­ton Agri­cul­tural Col­lege in 1951.

His first job was cut­ting tim­ber with his fa­ther us­ing a cross-cut saw. The tim­ber was moved by horse to a cen­tral point for col­lec­tion by a con­trac­tor to be sent to Monto sawmill. Horses were still used in the 1950s and John James still fondly re­mem­bers that time.

“Yes, there were horses work­ing then and I can still name them – Bon­nie, Blos­som, Di­a­mond and the lazy one Tiger,” Mr James said.

When not en­gaged in the rig­ors of work Mr James was a keen sport- sman, play­ing cricket and tennis for the Moon­ford teams. In 1973 he gave cricket away and joined the Monto Bowls Club and served 33 years on the com­mit­tee with some breaks in be­tween.

He gave up dairy­ing when it went from cream to milk and went to work for stock and sta­tion agent Joe Quinn. Mr James con­tin­ued work­ing for him un­til the busi­ness was pur­chased by Dal­getys. He then stayed on as man­ager for Dal­getys for three years be­fore buy­ing them out and trad­ing as John James Livestock and Prop­erty.

In the mid 1980s John James bought the Monto Sa­le­yards from the late Brian Schimke and these are now used for Monto Cat­tle and Coun­try’s fortnightly Fat and Store Sales.

In March 2002 he sold that busi­ness to Donna and Brad McI­nally who had worked for Mr James.

But the change did not mean Mr James was step­ping away from the busi­ness.

“I still work for them on the sale weeks and continue to hold a cur­rent real es­tate and auc­tion­eer’s li­cence,” Mr James said.

“Very oc­ca­sion­ally I will sell a pen of cat­tle to re­lieve the other auc­tion­eers.”

Mr James is not do­ing too badly for 75 years of liv­ing and has some thoughts about why he has lived a long life re­main­ing ac­tive and pro­duc­tive. Work hard, play sport, run a cat­tle herd, go fish­ing, and bowl he said.

Photo: Ge­orge Smith

AUC­TION­EER­ING HAND: John James knows the best deals at a cat­tle sale.

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