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TOP score went to Gary Tay­lor with 47 closely fol­lowed by Rob Miller on 45. Other scores; Phil Gram­bower 22, Law Dent 16, Maria Hunt 27, Beryl Palmer 44, Rus­sel Cherry 25, Lyn Miller 30, Dawn Bramer 44, Rita Davis 29, Pat Fester 38, Alan Bramer 12, Leo Tet­icek 25, Peter Thompson 43, Muriel Glover 37.


RE­SULTS to Novem­ber 26: So­cial Thurs­day, Novem­ber 22. J. James, G. Hamp­son def B. Keilly, N. Divin­ish 18-16. B. Kerr, T. Barker, J. Scott def H. Kirk­wood, R. Hamp­son, L. Har­ri­son 24-14.

Satur­day So­cial Novem­ber 24. B. Woodall, K. Roth def B. Kerr, P. John­ston 22-12. Sun­day So­cial Novem­ber 25. J. King, R. Dil­lon def T.May, P. An­son 34-8. B. Woodall, G.Smith tied L. Ogle, V. Gib­bon 19-19.

Men’s Pairs Novem­ber 25. B. Kerr, P. Mor­gan def B. Keilly, B. McI­nally 1615. J. James, R. Hamp­son def K. Roth, T. Barker 29-10. R. Rideout, A. Lit­tle def M.Smith, H. Kirk­wood 24-10. J. King, B. Woodall def T. White for­feit.

Coming up: 2012 Triples Fi­nal De­cem­ber 2. B. Woodall, T.May, K. Myles def N. Wil­liams, L. Ogle, M.Smith.


SO­CIAL bowls Novem­ber 24. Dave Al­lan, Neville Lamkin (Nifty) and Ernie Waugh won against Gerry But­ler, Marge Lins­ket and Spiro Van­gelouski 26 to 15.

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