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Af­ter re­cent rain, fish­ing in lo­cal wa­ter­ways is paying off. Salt­wa­ter yab­bies and prawns are at­tract­ing the fish, while the most pop­u­lar lures seem to be Smak spin­ners. Boondooma Dam: Some nice fish are be­ing caught on the troll with Smak 16ft divers. Some nice gold­ens are also be­ing caught in the tim­bered ar­eas on live shrimp and worms. Also in the tim­bered sec­tions, larger bass and golden perch are be­ing landed on trolled Smak ⅝ spin­ner baits. The area af­ter the sec­ond yel­low marker buoy where it opens up to an­other basin be­fore you get to the junc­tion has been a good area to start. Fish are be­ing caught by trolling smacks, poltergeists and other deep div­ing lures. The area out from the third yel­low marker buoy, in the mid­dle of the dam, is work­ing well for trail­ers us­ing the same lures. Bjelke-Petersen Dam: Lots of big gold­ens and nice bass are still be­ing landed on lures. Most pop­u­lar lures seem to be ⅝ Smak spin­ner baits and Lit­tle Max blades in ⅜ oz. Darker colours are work­ing the best. The key is to move slowly so that the lure will get down to where the fish are. At present they are not sit­ting on the bot­tom. They are up off it and are very ac­tive, so they will find a tempt­ing lure hard to re­sist. Bass are up in the shal­lows of the banks through­out the dam. Gold­ens and jew fish are be­ing caught on live shrimp at the start of the Stu­art tim­ber and deep rocky points. Smak spin­ners are work­ing from the banks as well. Bass Point and Trea­sure Is­land seem to be the two spots hold­ing most of the fish. Lake Som­er­set: Som­er­set is fish­ing really well again. There are fish in many ar­eas of the dam and they don’t seem to be hard to catch. Bay 13, Tim­ber Junc­tion, Pel­i­can Point and the start of Queen Street seem to be the best ar­eas. The best lures have been slider soft plas­tics with a⅜ Smak jig head and jack­all mask vibes. Live bait has pro­duced some nice fish. Same with salt water yab­bies. Cress­brook Dam: Fish­ing is ex­tremely tough at the moment, but a few are be­ing caught. The best spots are around Toi­let Block Point, Deer Is­land and in Cress­brook Creek along the rock wall, and op­po­site the wall where there is a sub­merged point. Cooby Dam: The dam is fish­ing well at the moment with some good catches of yel­low belly re­ported. Fish more than 50cm are be­ing landed more than reg­u­larly. They have been sus­pend­ing about 12-15ft off shore where the depth is around 30ft. The pick of the spots is straight across from the boat ramp op­po­site the rock wall. Slow troll jack­alls and cast jack­alls at th­ese fish and you should have success. Trolling must be slow. Jack­alls take time to get to the depth re­quired. They tend to sit high in the water col­umn. There have also been some good catches from the rock wall. Coastal: The man­grove jack seem to be around in fair num­bers. They are go­ing well in the Don­ny­brook area, Bri­bie and in the Ca­bool­ture River. There have been some nice bream caught around Don­ny­brook and Bri­bie. Good flat­head are also be­ing re­ported in most ar­eas. The odd good whit­ing is be­ing caught. Snap­per are coming in from the es­tu­ar­ies and the Tan­ga­looma area. There have been some good co­bia caught around the cape and ship­ping chan­nel, as well as a few spot­ted mack­erel. Some large snap­per have been caught at Harry Atkin­son’s Reef, but the num­ber of boats make it hard. Burly up some whit­ing frames and have a cou­ple of live whit­ing on a long lead 10-20 feet off a run­ning sinker around an hour each side of the tide and you should get re­sults.

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