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BUR­NETT Live­stock and Realty’s first meat­works and store sale for 2013 last Mon­day saw a yard­ing of 1460 head.

The cat­tle mar­ket held on well, de­spite con­tin­ued dry weather over Christ­mas and the new year.

Due to the dry, lo­cal ar­eas were be­com­ing alarm­ingly short on feed and water.

Cat­tle of fair to good qual­ity sold mostly to a firm mar­ket, while cat­tle of a lesser qual­ity were harder to sell.

Bul­locks were the only de­scrip­tion of cat­tle to sell to a dearer mar­ket.

Bul­locks 600kg and over topped at 175.2c and av­er­aged 171.9c to be 14 cents dearer than the last sale in De­cem­ber 2012.

Bul­locks 500–600kg topped sim­i­larly and sold eight cents dearer.

Jaranda, Booyal, sold No 9 sim­brah bul­locks for 175.2c or $1177–$1282.

Mooru Graz­ing, Tak­il­beran, sold santa-cross No 9 bul­locks for 175.2c or $1174.

Santa here­ford-cross four to eight-tooth bul­locks from Wan­doan sold 165–175.2c or $1010–$1191.

Cows over 500kg topped at 153.2c and sold to a firm to slightly dearer mar­ket.

Cows un­der 500kg sold to a slightly cheaper mar­ket.

Santa-cross cows on ac­count of the Staib Fam­ily, Coal­stoun Lakes topped at 141.2c or $823.

L. Lerch sold a char­bray cow for 153.2c or $1072.

Quayle Cat­tle Co, Gaeta, sold santa-cross cows to top at 146.2c or $794.

Trade heifers were of a mixed qual­ity, with most be­ing un­der weight with four to six teeth, which brought the av­er­ages back to 20c cheaper over­all.

CB & CE Hosk­ing, Coal­stoun Lakes, sold two and four-tooth trade heifers to top at 160.2c or $865.

Heavy bulls topped at 162.2c and av­er­aged three cents dearer.

Some good pens of steers 400–500kg were yarded, top­ping at 174.2c and av­er­ag­ing 17c dearer than the last sale.

Drought­mas­ter-cross milk and two-tooth steers on ac­count of ME Din­gle, Mt Perry, topped at 170.2c or $699.

Drought­mas­ter and char­bray milk and two-tooth steers from Mur­gon sold 170.2–174.2c or $779–$794.

Steers 300–400kg were of mostly poor qual­ity and av­er­aged 10c cheaper than the last sale.

DL Roe­buck, Gin Gin, sold cross­bred No 2 steers for 173.2c or $477.

Santa weaner steers from Ubobo sold for 173.2c or $428.

Weaner steers were also of mixed qual­ity, top­ping at 185c and av­er­ag­ing six–15c cheaper.

ARN Hor­wood Fam­ily Trust sold li­mousin charo­lais-cross weaner steers to top at 185c or $466.

Bran­gus char­bray-cross weaner steers on ac­count of RG and J Drinkwa­ter, Eidsvold, sold for 175.2c or $449.

Only a few feeder milk and two tooth 300–400kg heifers were yarded, top­ping at 171.2c.

Brah­mousin milk and twotooth heifers on ac­count of IR and EA McLean, Dal­larnil, sold 160.2–171.2c or $576–$590.

Plenty of heifers were yarded un­der 300kg.

And con­sid­er­ing not many peo­ple had grass for them to go back onto, the mar­ket held on rea­son­ably well.

John Booth, Mon­duran, sold charo­lais cross No 2 heifers for 161.2c or $475.

Li­mousin crossNo 2 heifers on ac­count of Mait­land Bros, Boompa, sold for 165.2c or $406.

Heifers 200–300kg were 10c cheaper and heifers un­der 200kg were one cent cheaper.

GN and CM McCracken, Bund­aberg, sold bran­gus-cross weaner heifers to top at 165.2c or $408.

WJ and LD Zelin­ski, Biggen­den, sold char­bray heifers to top at 166.2c or $384.

Forty-three cows and calves were yarded on the day, top­ping at $750.

Cat­tle were drawn from Wan­doan, Cra­cow, Ubobo, Monto, Eidsvold, Mun­dub­bera, Mt Perry, Gayn­dah, Mur­gon, Bau­ple, Mary­bor­ough, Thi­noomba, Tor­ban­lea, Childers, Bund­aberg and the Bur­nett.

Photo: Contributed

PRICES HOLD WELL: Bur­nett Live­stock and Realty’s Lance Whi­taker with a pen of santa-cross No 9 bul­locks on ac­count of Mooru Graz­ing, Tak­il­beran, at the Biggen­den sa­le­yards.

Buy­ers out in force for the open­ing meat­works and store sale at Biggen­den. De­spite the con­tin­ued dry weather, the cat­tle mar­ket held well.

Rus­sell Bar­gen­quast of Brooweena with the Bur­nett Live­stock & Realty’s sell­ing team of Be­van Wade, Matt Cur­tis, Paul Hast­ings and Lance Whi­taker in ac­tion at the first sale for the year at Biggen­den.

John Zelin­ski of Biggen­den and Kevin Brown of Brooweena dis­cuss the dry con­di­tions at the open­ing cat­tle sale of the year at Biggen­den.

Photo: Erica Mur­ree

Ross Kin­bacher of Boompa catches up with Gayn­dah’s Carolyn and War­ren Kenny at Mon­day’s meat­works and store sale at Biggen­den.

Wayne Davis, David O’Dono­hoe, Greg Jensen, Tim Richards and Steve Dunn are ea­ger to buy some stock at the open­ing sale of the year at Biggen­den.

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