Schools come to­gether for cross coun­try

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ATH­LETES from Biggenden, Coal­stoun Lakes and Dal­larnil con­verged on the Biggenden Sports Re­serve last Fri­day for the an­nual cross coun­try.

Sports­man­ship was to the fore with all stu­dents giv­ing their in­di­vid­ual dis­tances a go.

A team has now been se­lected to take part in the North Bur­nett tri­als be­ing held over the same venue to­mor­row.

■ Re­sults: Biggenden Ajax (BA), Biggenden Milo (BM), Coal­stoun Lakes (CL), Dal­larnil (DAL), 5yrs, boys, I Hou­ton (BA) 1, Q Far­rell (CL) 2, K McMeekin (DAL) 3; girls, S Treloar (BM) 1. 6yrs, boys, D Mac­Don­ald (DAL ) 1, IWykes (BA) 2, L Burt (BM) 3; girls, C White (DAL) 1, E Keev­ers-Larkins (BA) 2, I Suen­der­mann (DAL) 3. 7yrs, boys, C Nairn (BA) 1, T Fraser (CL) 2, M Cuth­bert­son (CL) 3; girls, E Carl­son (DAL) 1, B Itzstein (BM) 2. 8yrs, J Treloar (BM) 1, R Fawck­ner (CL) 2, L Ah Sam (BM) 3; girls, J Brady (BA) 1, S Gibbs (CL) 2, G Cor­field (CL) 3. 9yrs, T Geissler (BA) 1, D Fawck­ner (CL) 2, C Smart (DAL) 3; girls, A Rober­ton (CL) 1, C Burt (BM) 2, R Hunter (CL) 3. 10yrs, boys, M Seabrook (CL) 1, J Ko­vacs (BM) 2, MCor­field (CL) 3; girls, S Gar­cia (BA) 1, B Hardy (BA) 2, P Bar­num (CL) 3. 11yrs, boys, B Bechly (CL) 1, E Koepke (DAL) 2, A Fraser (CL) 3; girls, R Rober­ton 1, C Thomp­son 2, R Holmes 3 (all CL). 12yrs, boys, BFraser (CL) 1, T Mac­don­ald (DAL) 2, A Koepke (DAL) 3; girls, B Spry (DAL) 1, Z McMeekin (DAL) 2, C Eadie (BA) 3. 13yrs pri­mary, boys, J Smith (DAL) 1, N Bos­ton (BA) 2. 13yrs, sec­ondary, boys, B Grif­fin (BM) 1, D Spencer (BM) 2, ADohle (BA) 3; girls, J Hardy (BA) 1, E Clark (BM) 2. 14yrs, girls, E Faint (BM) 1, T Eg­gle­ston (MN) 2, D Wil­son andCTucker (BA) tie 3.15yrs, boys, J Spencer (BM) 1; girls, VMcIn­tyre (BA) 1, T Glover (BM) 2, K Parkinson (BA) 3.

Photo: Erica Mur­ree

ALL SMILES: Age cham­pi­ons from the Biggenden and Dis­trict Prep–10 cross coun­try tri­als at sports re­serve.

READY, SET, GO: Get­ting ready for the gun to fire were the 6-years girls at the Biggenden and Dis­trict cross coun­try on Fri­day.

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