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TOP scorer for com­pe­ti­tion on April 25 was G Tay­lor in first place with 169. D Bramer fin­ished sec­ond with 164. Other scores; G Stark 124, G Bramer 99 (two games), R Miller 147, B Parlmer 135, P Gram­bouer 144, G Mann 121, P Fes­ter 162, L Dent 140, R Davis 139, L Stark 139, M Glover 160.



RE­SULTS from April 24. Grass­cut­ters 9 de­feated Toolies 1; 3 - Steven Zahl, 2 - Mat Dent, 1 - David Shep­herd, 3 - Kerry Good­win, 2 - Sarah Web­ster, 1 - Trina Schif­fke. Stop 'n' Go 13 de­feated Pis­tol Knight 0; 3 - Hay­din Else­bach, 2 - Jay­bin Pearce, 1 - MarkMilling­ton, 3 - Lisa Jensen, 2 - Leisa Dar­ling­ton, 1 - Linda Dray­ton. River­bend 8 de­feated Gayn­dah Jewellers 6; 3 - James Stal­lan, 2 - Nathan Spencer, 1 - James Dun­can, 3 - Ni­cole Ul­coq, 2 - Tahlia D, 1 - So­phie Evans. The Rebels 10 de­feated Try Hard 9; 3 - Josh Robert­son, 2 - Ivan Collins, 1 - Fletcher Pearce, 3 - Jesse Ge­orge, 2 - Rebecca O'Brien, 1 - Sam O'Brien. Shock­waves had a bye.



RE­SULTS from this weeks games. Allsorts 19 de­feated Ter­mi­na­tors 12; best and fairest Tanya Coulsen & Sam O'Brien. Gen­er­a­tion Gap 64 de­feated Flam­ing Flamin­gos 4; best and fairest Chloe Spry & Sam Van Oosten. Aqua Girls 29 de­feated Bruis­ers 12; best and fairest Karin Vorster & Alex Vin­combe.



CHAM­PI­ONSHIP Games for April 25. Ladies fours; N Dar­ling­ton (Sub – L Pace), P Dar­ling­ton, L Krause, C Pry­goda 25 de­feated A An­der­son, GE­vans, C Tay­lor, S Stott 9. Mens Pairs; S Meyer, B Pry­goda 23 de­feated S Wi­ley, K. Wi­ley 17. Mixed pairs on April 27; K Wi­ley, A Wi­ley 36 de­feated G Dar­ling­ton, N Dar­ling­ton 11. Gayn­dah RSL In­door Bowl­sClub vis­it­was held April 27. First games; MGlover, G Mann, B Pry­goda 14 de­feated P Thomp­son, B Wen­gel, A Faulkner 5. J An­der­son, P Fes­ter, P Dar­ling­ton 11 de­feated L Miller, P Tem­ple­man, S Stott 7. R Davis, L Tet­iceh, M Guy­att, C Pryo­goda 16 de­feated R Miller, A Bur­nett, L Pace, G Tay­lor 13. P Tay­lor, G Evans, J Stott, G Tay­lor 10 de­feated D Bramer, A An­der­son, S Pry­goda, B Ke­une 7. Sec­ond game skips names only; B Pry­goda 13 de­feated P Dar­ling­ton 10, A Faulkner 15 de­feated S Stott 4, C Pry­goda 12 de­feat­edGTay­lor 10, B Ke­une 13 de­feat­edGTay­lor 6. B Pry­goda’s team fin­ished first with 33 points, C Pry­goda’s team fin­ished sec­ond with 30 points. S Meyer won the raf­fle.


Re­sults to Mon­day April 29- So­cial Thurs­day, April 25: B.Woodall, H.Kirk­wood, K.Her­bener def M.Tor­rens, G.Hamp­son, Bil­lWoodall 24-15. G.Price, V.Gib­bon, J.King def P.Mor­gan, D.Goschnick, R.Dil­lon 16-12. T.Barker, L.Woodall, R.Stubbs tied J.Muller, L.Ogle, H.Price 23-23. B.Kerr, G.Stubbs, R.Larsen, K.Myles def K.Roth, R.Hamp­son, M.Myles, S.John­ston 23-11.


The Mixed Four­somes Cham­pi­onships were played week­end April 20, 21

Satur­day's Re­sults: Win­ners: B Kim­ber and R Maeyke C/B 68, Run­ners-up: N and E Kim­ber 68, 3rd Place: D Walsh and C Vi­cary 69, 4th Place G and L Car­lyon 69 ½, 5th Place: S and V Zipf 71, 6th Place: D Zipf and G Lee 72 ½, Men's Pin Shot N0 4: WBen­ham, Ladies’ Ac­cu­rate Shot No 5: C Vi­cary, Men's Pin Shot No 5: N Kim­ber, 2nd Grade 2nd Shot No 6: DWilliams and A Pot­ter, 1st Grade 2nd Shot No 8: G Lee and D Zipf, Team Pin Shot No 9: E and N Kim­ber, En­cour­age­ment Award: E and M Ben­ham, Sun­day's Re­sults: Win­ners: E and N Kim­ber 63, Run­ners-up: D Walsh and C Vi­cary 66, 3rd Place: A Pot­ter and DWilliams 66 ½, 4th Place: G and L Car­lyon 67 ½, 5th Place B Kim­ber and R Maeyke 71, 6th Place: J Sher­wood and R Kim­ber 71, Ladies’ Acc Shot No 4: R Maeyke, Men’s Pin Shot No 4: P Hun­sley, Ladies’ Acc Shot No 5: C Vi­cary, Men’s Pin shot No 5: W Ben­ham, 2nd Grade 2nd Shot no 6: W Ben­ham and L Mes­ner, 1st Grade 2nd Shot No 8: P Hun­sley and L Lin­den­mayer, Team Pin Shot No 9: G and L Car­lyon, En­cour­age­ment Award: E and M Ben­ham, Mixed Four­somes Cham­pi­ons: 1st Grade Win­ners: D Walsh and C Vi­cary 157, Run­ners-up: P Hun­sley and L Lin­den­mayer 166, 2nd Grade, Win­ners: N and E Kim­ber 179, Run­ners-up: WBen­ham and L Mes­ner 181. SUN­DAY April 28: April Monthly Medal – Stroke com­pe­ti­tion for Nigel, Rebecca & Bai­ley Kim­ber’s Tro­phies. LADIES over­all win­ner: Lois Mes­ner 95/ 70, 1st Grade Monthly Medal: L Mes­ner, 2nd Grade E Kim­ber 109/71. Putting: L Mes­ner 30. Ball Comp. R Maeyke, E Kim­ber,, G Lee Club Acc Shot No: 4 R Kim­ber. 1st Grade Ac­cu­rate Shot No: 5 L Mes­ner, 2nd Grade 2nd Shot No: 6 D Wil­liams, 2nd Shot No: G Lee. Brad­mans S Maskovich. H/ Cap Match­play re­sults: J Lohse d R Maeyke 1up, R Kim­ber d S Maskovich 6/5. MENS over­all and C Grade Monthly Medal win­ner: Tom Fuller 64. A Grade Monthly Medal – B Kim­ber 65 , B Grade Monthly Medal: G Car­lyon 68. Brad­mans: DWalsh. – Club Pin Shot No: 5 B Kim­ber, Spon­sors Shots No: 4 J Sher­wood, No: 9GV Lohse, 2nd No: 8 P Hun­sley. B Kim­ber 65, B Pad­don 65, D Zipf 67, K Beu­tel 67, W Ben­ham 68, G Car­lyon 68, S Van­gelouski 69, GV Lohse 69. Putting: WBen­ham 27 putts. Next week­end: Sta­ble­ford for Bec Wen­gel & Bernie Love­day’s tro­phies.


Thanks to Scott and Melissa from Hur­dle Gully Lucerne for pro­vid­ing the tro­phies for Thurs­day’s An­zac Day com­pe­ti­tion. Scott re­turned the best score of 43 points in the 18 Hole Sta­ble­ford how­ever he re-do­nated the tro­phy with the win go­ing to Mark Cur­tis on 41 points from Brett McI­nally 39 and Tony Dil­lon 38. Run­down: Paul Irvine 37. Rodger Ost­wald 37. Adrian Kum­mer­feld 37. Glenn Evans 37. Wal Wilkes 36. Shane Tay­lor 36. An­thony San­der­son 36. Lau­rie Bar­nett 36. Pin and Ap­proach Shots: N0 1 – Glenn Evans. No 6 – Lau­rie Bar­nett. No 8 – Lau­rie Bar­nett. No 9 – Tony Dil­lon. Night golf held on Fri­day 26th at­tracted a small field for the golf. The Club also catered for Blaze Aid vol­un­teers – thanks to Bec Zi­eth for pre­par­ing the food. Win­ners – Martin Bow­man, Daniel Roth and Ja­cob Mulken­tine. Sun­day 28th – Med­ley 2 Ball Am­brose for tro­phies do­nated by

Monto IGA Su­per­mar­ket. A count­back de­cided Shane Tay­lor and Ed­die An­der­son win­ners with 62 nett (67 gross) fromWal Wilkes and Rodger Ost­wald (70G-62N) and Lau­rie Bar­nett and Keith Murr (69G-62N) Fourth place went to Tony Dil­lon and Damien Zi­eth (69G-64N) Pin shot No 9 – Roy Mar­bach. This Sun­day is a 4BBB Med­ley Sta­ble­ford spon­sored by DJ’s Steel and Con­crete. Other events in May: Sun­day 12th – Sta­ble­ford (Monto Ser­vice Cen­tre) Sun­day 19th – Stroke (Club) Sun­day 26th – Sta­ble­ford (Ca­nia Gorge Tourist Re­treat).


TUES­DAY Vet­er­ans 18 holes stroke com­pe­ti­tion had 14 play­ers. The win­ner was Des Ran­dall with 60 nett, run­ner up was Di Baker with 66 nett, sec­ond run­ner up was John Mor­gan with 66 nett. Pin­shots; third shot on 5/14 for Di Baker, num­ber three for John Mor­gan. Thurs­day sporters 9 hole stroke event had 16 play­ers. The win­ner was Rita Alsemgeest with 22 ½ nett, run­ner up was John Mor­gan with 25 nett, sec­ond run­ner up was Ray Wil­lis with 26 nett. Pin­shots; 5/14 Brad Schif­fke, 7/16 Jeremy Zahl. The week­end com­pe­ti­tion 18 Hole Flag Event had 11 play­ers. The win­ner was Jeremy Zahl, run­ner up was Trevor Slack. Pin­shots; 5/ 14 Jeremy Zahl, 3/12 Trevor Slack, 7/16 Lind­say Baker. Up­com­ing events, May 4 –Fundraiser for Gayn­dah Golf Club at the Gayn­dah Bowls Club. All names in by Fri­day to the Bowls Club or Michael Coul­son. Please sup­port your club and reg­is­ter ASAP. Start time 1pm, cost $15 in­cludes a BBQ af­ter­wards. May 5 - 4BBB Stroke Event. Re­minder that all sec­ond round 4BBB Hand­i­cap Match­play must be com­pleted by the 5th May.



Clay Tar­get Day spon­sored by Ken Mills 25 Tar­get Dou­ble Barrel: 1st AA/A Cameron Dean 24/25, 2nd AA/A Gary Dar­ling­ton 23/25, 1st B/C Rob Geary 24/25, 2nd B/C Iain Camp­bell 23/25.

Ken Mills 100 Tar­get Points: 1st AA/A Cameron Dean 295/300, 2nd AA/A John Burns 285/300, 1st B/C Luke Geary 246/300, 2nd B/C Rob Geary 244/300.


A Does­sel 38/40, T Smyth 36/40, T Does­sel 36/40, W Pash­ley 33/40, B Slack 29/40, J Meyer 28/40.

Next shoot Sun­day 12/5/13. DARTS BIGGENDEN

THE A Team played well to de­feat All Sorts 4-3 in last week’s round of darts played at the Grand Ho­tel at Biggenden. In other games all with a 4-3 re­sult, Dou­ble Barrel Hot Shots d Ter­ri­ers, One Day d B Gees and Rug Rats d Plas­tered Pen­quins. Most tons for the night went to Phil Church­ward on a count­back with three (100,140,101) and Lynette Lundy with two (122,117).

Most peg outs were thrown by Ge­off Dun­can with four (45,63,25,4) and Karli Pressler, also with four (10,28,16,26). High­est score was recorded by Ben with a score of 140 and Leanne Dun­can with 100.

High­est peg out went to Leo Tat­icek with 107 and Janet Wall with 74. Spe­cial men­tion must be made of Leo Tat­icek who threw a 90 bull fin­ish.

Tonight’s games will be played at the Com­mer­cial Ho­tel.

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