Heifers crack 203.2c at Biggenden Weaner Sale

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BUR­NETT Live­stock and Realty’sWeaner Sale on Thurs­day, May 2, saw a yard­ing of 2536 head fol­low trends of the cur­rent mar­ket with the lead of the wean­ers sell­ing mostly strong how­ever ob­vi­ously not com­par­ing to last year.

Once the qual­ity of the wean­ers eased or lots be­came smaller or mixed the mar­ket got much tougher.

1365 steers topped at 186.2c to aver­age from 142c–169.6c while 1018 heifers topped at 203.2c to aver­age from 148.1c–151.5c.

Cat­tle were drawn from Ju­lia Creek, Hugh­en­den, Monto, Eidsvold, Mun­dub­bera, Mt Perry, Gayn­dah, Pros­ton, Win­dera, John­stown, Goomeri, Kin­bombi, Widgee, Yerra, Childers, Bund­aberg, Miriam Vale, Gin Gin and all lo­cal ar­eas.

The Cham­pion Pen of the sale and win­ner of the Drought­mas­ter In­fused class went to a classy pen of Drought­mas­ter steers on ac­count ofWG & GI Janke, Widgee.

Th­ese steers went on to sell for 182.2c or $531 while the Janke’s line av­er­aged 172.4c or $470.

Chowey Creek Graz­ing, Mung­boree, Mun­dub­bera sold a line of EU Ac­cred­ited Char­bray and red and black Bran­gus cross steers tak­ing out win­ner of the Open Breed class on the way for a pen of red An­gus cross steers.

Th­ese steers sold for 185.2c or $537 while the Char­bray steers sold from 173.2c-180.2c.

The bal­ance of the Bran­gus cross steers sold from 181.2c–183.2c with the Mung­boree line av­er­ag­ing 179.5c or $501.

Sharp Pas­toral, Mun­dub­bera sold EU Ac­cred­ited Santa Gertrudis Brah­man cross steers and heifers.

The steers av­er­aged 175.7c or $508 and the heifers sold for 169.2c or $459.

Bund­aberg Sugar Ltd, Bund­aberg sold Charo­lais cross steers to sell from 157.2c–175.2c to aver­age 169.1c or $463.

The Bourke Fam­ily, Mun­dub­bera sold Char­bray cross steers to top at 165.2c or $481.

JBWen­gel, Gayn­dah sold Charo­lais cross steers to top at 171.2c or $472.

JA& J Kirk, Gayn­dah sold Char­bray cross steers to top at 168.2c or $551.

The Kirks also sold Santa Gertrudis steers from 176.2c–181.2c or $414-$506.

DD & DM Dun­can, Coal­stoun Lakes sold Char­bray cross steers from 171.2c–177.2c or $487-$498.

GK Ger­icke, Mun­dub­bera sold Char­bray steers from 176.2c–185.2c or $498 -$527.

Char­bray steers from Hugh­en­den sold for 173.2c or $489.

The win­ner of the Santa Gertrudis In­fused class was Neil Baker Fam­ily Trust, Gayn­dah. Th­ese steers went on to sell for 186.2c or $561. The Boyd and Linda Fam­ily Trust, Gayn­dah sold Santa Gertrudis steers for 179.2c or $487.

Santa steers on ac­count of GT & BM Fort, Eidsvold sold for 179.2c or $479.

The Bed­dows Fam­ily, Win­dera sold Sim­brah steers to sell from 174.2c–176.2c or $401-$514.

The win­ner of the An­gus In­fused class was BE & AM Goss­ner, Gin Gin for a pen of An­gus cross steers that sold for 167.2c or $438.

My­ola Graz­ing, Miriam Vale sold Bran­gus steers for 167.2c or $464.

D Jones, Mt Perry sold Bran­gus steers to top at 167.2c or $443.

The Brah­man In­fused class was won by MJ & KC Cor­field, Coal­stoun Lakes for Brah­man steers that went on to sell for 141.2c or $404.

The win­ner of the Charo­lais In­fused class­was Bund­aberg Sugar Ltd for Charo­lais cross heifers that sold for 160.2c or $427 while the line of Bund­aberg Sugar heifers av­er­aged 152.7c or $413.

TS & CJ Bourke, Mun­dub­bera sold Charo­lais An­gus cross heifers to top at 163.2c or $452.

Gi­goom­gan Pas­toral, Brooweena sold Charo­lais and Sim­brah heifers to top at 163.2c or $365.

G&J Reiser, Pros­ton sold Drought­mas­ter heifers for 175.2c or $385.

Wa­ja­tryn Pas­toral Co, Gayn­dah sold Drought­mas­ter heifers to aver­age 158.2c or $355.

MJ & KC Cor­field, Coal­stoun Lakes sold Brah­man heifers to sell from 191.2c–203.2c or $507-$510.

An­gus cross heifers on ac­count of BE & AMGoss­ner, Mon­duran sold for 155.2c or $401.

Char­bray cross heifers on ac­count of DD & DM Dun­can, Coal­stoun Lakes sold for 164c or $459.

Photo: Erica Mur­ree

CHAM­PION PEN: Bur­nett Live­stock & Realty's Lance Whitaker, Bendigo Bank's Glenn Hen­rick­sen with win­ners Gla­dys and Bill Janke of Widgee.

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