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SCHOOLSacross the re­gion from Isis to Monto con­verged on the Biggenden Sports Re­serve last Fri­day for the North Bur­nett Cross Coun­try tri­als.

Four recordswere bro­ken with Mikaela Ross of Bur­nett State Col­lege set­ting a new time in the 14yrs girls 4000m with a run of 19.28m.

Isis Dis­trict High School’s Kelsey Vel­la­cott broke the same event for boys with his time of 16.59m.Eidsvold’s Clin­ton Kyle slashed a minute off the 16yrs 6000m time with his run of 24m.

Troy Stark of Isis Dis­trict High School in the 17yrs boys 6000m ran 24.59m to break the old time of 25.50m.

Schools par­tic­i­pat­ing Gayn­dah (G), Coal­stoun Lakes (CL), Monto (MO), Mun­dub­bera (MU)), St Josephs Gayn­dah (ST J), Isis (I), Bur­nett SC (BUR), Eidsvold (EID), Bin­jour (BIN), Dal­larnil (DAL)

10yrs, boys, LKenny (G) 1, MSeabrook (CL) 2, B Bar­nett (MO) 3; girls, S Zipf (MU) 1, D Law­son (MU) 2, G Ellerton (MO) 3. 11yrs, boys, M Duf­fin (MU) 1, A Fraser (CL) 2, T Colvin (St J) 3; girls, B Em­mer­ton (MU) 1, R Rober­ton (CL) 2, E Dar­ling­ton (G) 3. 12yrs, boys, C Trott (G) 1, HBallin (BIN) 2, B Fraser (CL) 2, T Mac­Don­ald (DAL) 3; girls, H Bryant (ST J) 1, E Slaugh­ter (G) 2, K Kries (G) 3; 13yrs, boys, Z Make­toni (MO) 1, J Law (EID) 2, J McDon­nell (I) 3; girls, A Evans (BUR) 1, S Pope (MU) 2, T McCosker (BUR) 3; 14yrs, boys, T Din­muang (I) 1, S Aber­halden (MO) 2, L Sum­mers (MU) 3; girls, M Ross (BUR) 1, S Man­ski (I) 2, H Staines (MO) 3; 15yrs, boys, K Vel­la­cott (I) 1, D Law (EID) 2, C Dougherty (BUR) 3; girls, K O’Brien (BUR) 1, T Bechly (BUR) 2, A Dar­ling­ton (BUR) 3. 16yrs, boys, C Kyle (EID) 1, H Mar­vel (I) 2, T Green (I) 3; girls, T By­grave (MO) 1, B Cook (MO) 2, L Pope (EID) 3. 17yrs, boys, TS­tark (I) 1, M Aiello-Fink (I) 2; girls, R O’Brien (BUR) 1, KThor­burn (BUR) 2, D McLeod (I) 3.

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