Troops rally for cat­tle drive

Prices up for all cat­tle – ex­cept cows

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HARD SLOG: Get on your horse for Monto's 2013 An­nual Cat­tle Drive.

WITH the ex­cep­tion of cows, all de­scrip­tions of cat­tle sold to a dearer mar­ket at Biggenden on Mon­day.

The Bur­nett Live­stock and Realty meat­works and store sale drew 900 head.

Bul­locks topped at 154.2c to aver­age 8–15c dearer.

Mooru Graz­ing, Tak­il­beran sold Bran­gus and Santa Gertrudis cross No0 bul­locks from 150.2–154.2c or $951–$984.

Santa Gertrudis-cross two and four-tooth bul­locks, from Wan­doan, topped at 150.2c or $880.

Cows were in short sup­ply and only a hand­ful of heavy cows were yarded, sell­ing from 4–11 cents cheaper.

MJ & TM Din­gle, Miriam Vale sold Brah­man cows to top at 109.2c or $753.

Santa Gertrudis-cross cows, ac­count DA & CM Erik­sen, Mun­dub­bera, sold for 109.2c or $723.

Trade heifers topped at 144.2c to aver­age 16c dearer.

JR Farms, Mun­dub­bera sold Char­bray Santa-cross two and four-tooth heifers from 138.2–144.2c or $633–$880.

Trade heifers from Wan­doan topped at 141.2c or $644.

Heavy bulls didn’t reach the top of last sale but sold firm to aver­age.

Some bet­ter qual­ity feeder steers over 400kg were yarded, top­ping at 161.2c to aver­age 22 cents dearer.

Troy Wil­son, Bin­jour, sold Drought­mas­ter and Bran­gus two-tooth steers to top at 157.2c or $714.

The Davis fam­ily, Mt Perry, sold Char­bray Drought­mas­ter-cross two and four-tooth steers; the two-tooth steers sold from 150c–161.2c or $627–$750 and the four-tooth steers sold for 143.2c or $662.

Steers 300–400kg topped at 160.2c to be 21 cents dearer.

Adams Trad­ing, Gin Gin sold Sim­brah No 2 steers for 160.2c or $592. Bet­ter qual­ity weaner steers were yarded this sale and re­flected in prices top­ping at 194.2c for some light con­di­tioned Sim­brah steers av­er­ag­ing from 26 to 32 cents dearer. Adams Trad­ing, Gin Gin sold weaner steers from 176.2c–194.2c or $382-$404. White and Larsen, Gin Gin sold Li­mousin Charo­lais cross weaner steers from 171.2c–181.2c or $374-$408.

Only a few feeder heifers were yarded and they av­er­aged 12 cents dearer. Su­jee­wong Pas­toral Co, Chin­chilla sold Santa Gertrudis No1 milk and two-tooth heifers from 135.2c–139.2c or $457-$492. Weaner heifers and heifers up to 300kg sold from 12–23 cents dearer. White and Larsen, Gin Gin sold Li­mousin Charo­lais cross weaner heifers for 147.2c or $323. B & A Gan­non, Mun­dub­bera, sold An­gus cross weaner heifers from 138.2c–145.2c or $304-$367.

Next sale on June 17.


BIGGENDEN SALE: Bur­nett Live­stock and Realty’s Lance Whitaker with pens of Char­bray No1 PTIC heifers on ac­count of Bund­aberg Sugar Ltd. The heifers av­er­aged $650/head.

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