Rain brings back smiles

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BUR­NETT Live­stock and Realty’s meat­works and store sale at Biggen­den on Mon­day saw a rain re­duced yard­ing of 703 head.

The wide­spread rain over Queens­land fi­nally got smiles back on ven­dors’ faces with an im­proved mar­ket, but over­all the yard­ing was very mixed in qual­ity.

Bul­locks over 600kg topped at 179.2c to aver­age three cents dearer than the sale two weeks ago.

The 500-600kg bul­locks topped at 178.2c to aver­age 25 cents dearer.

Heavy drought­mas­ter bul­locks on ac­count of KW Cross, Biggen­den, sold from 158.2c to 179.2c or $1166 to $1195.

NJ and KM Gibson, Boompa sold Drought­mas­ter six and eight tooth grain as­sisted bul­locks for 178.2c or $947.

Cows over 500kg were of good qual­ity av­er­ag­ing six cents dearer, while cows 400-500kg were 11 cents dearer on aver­age and light cows un­der 400kg had no change.

JC and PS Os­born, Dal­larnil, sold drought­mas­ter cows to top at 150.2c or $804.

Brah­man and char­bray cows on ac­count of BS and C Whi­taker, Woolooga, sold from 145.2c to 148.2c or $796 to $993.

Trade heifers were also good qual­ity and fairly con­sis­tent lines and av­er­aged 19 cents dearer.

Heavy bulls topped at 169.2c to aver­age six cents dearer.

Dad­dama­rine Pty Ltd, Boouby­jan, sold drought­mas­ter four and six tooth trade heifers from 141.2c to 154.2c or $634 to $687.

R Her­itage, Good­night Scrub, sold brah­man and char­bray two tooth trade heifers to top at 150.2c or $668.

The store line was very mixed qual­ity and num­bers were down for all classes.

Only 27 steers 400-500kg were yarded av­er­ag­ing 13 cents dearer com­pared to 166 head last fort­night.

Steers 200-300kg topped at 150.2c to aver­age five cents dearer and light steers un­der 200kg topped at 157.2c and av­er­aged 21 cents dearer.

Trelorr Pty Ltd, Bar­gara, sold charo­lais-cross milk and two tooth steers to top at 157.2c or $652.

GD and SC Din­gle, Mt Perry, sold bran­gus cross No 3 steers to top at 159.2c or $645.

GL Din­gle, Mt Perry, sold bran­gus weaner steers from 141.2c to 150.2c or $345 to $401.

Heifers 300-400kg topped at 149.2c and also av­er­aged dearer be­ing up 14 cents.

Heifers un­der 300kg topped at 141.2c to jump up 14 to 27 cents.

GD and SC Din­gle, Mt Perry, sold No 3 bran­gus heifers for 149.2c or $497.

Drought­mas­ter No 3 heifers, NJ and KM Gibson, Boompa, sold for 148.2c or $511.

Kar­rasch Hold­ings, Yerra, sold milk and two tooth char­bray heifers to top at 152.2c or $677.


BIGGEN­DEN SALE: Bur­nett Live­stock and Realty’s Lance Whi­taker with a pen of bul­locks on ac­count Keith Cross, Biggen­den. The bul­locks sold for 179.2c or $1194.

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