At­ten­tion thieves

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WE SINCERELY hope that the low-life, dirt-bag, scum suck­ers who stole the con­trol box from our newly in­stalled $4000 so­lar wa­ter pump sys­tem achieved some sort of warped sense of pride in get­ting some­thing for noth­ing at our ex­pense.

It was stolen by cut­ting all the ca­bles con­nect­ing the units to­gether, rather than sim­ply un­do­ing the con­nec­tors. It’s used to pump wa­ter up to our house, and was badly needed due to the on­go­ing drought.

This so­lar pump­ing sys­tem is/was lo­cated on Isis Hwy just up from Plum Creek Rd.

We fur­ther hope you are now happy in the knowl­edge that, thanks to you, an­other cou­ple of old age pen­sion­ers have been “creamed”.

It is very sad in­dict­ment on our so­ci­ety that mo­ronic an­i­mals, like you, pre­fer to steal what you want rather than to scrimp and save to be able to buy what we need to sur­vive. We never go on hol­i­days be­cause bills have to be paid and our mea­gre in­come does not cater for hol­i­days.

Sadly for so­ci­ety, the like of you and your kind are prob­a­bly us­ing this sort of ac­tiv­ity as a source of easy in­come, and/or lan­guish­ing on a per­ma­nent tax­payer-funded hol­i­day, rather than get­ting a job and pay­ing taxes like most of us have had to do through­out our lives.

No doubt you are ir­re­spon­si­ble enough NOT to volte, but pos­sess the abil­ity to breed, thus adding fur­ther to so­ci­ety’s in­creas­ing fi­nan­cial bur­dens.

We sincerely hope should you live long enough to be­come an old age pen­sioner, the same treat­ment will be meted out on you, and you may, get an idea what it is like to be ripped off by scum-bag op­por­tunists who pre­fer to steal rather than pay for what they need!

Should you and any of your mates, de­cide to pay us an­other visit, you can rest as­sured a very warm wel­come awaits. Be­van and Val Green­wood,


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