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Round 4 – April 26

Gayn­dah v Nanango – Gayn­dah

Cher­bourg v Mun­dub­bera – Gayn­dah

Theodore v Wondai – Gayn­dah

Kin­garoy v Monto – Mur­gon

Round 5 – May 3

Monto v Mun­dub­bera – Monto

Kin­garoy (ju­niors) v Cen­tral Bur­nett Brumbies – Kin­garoy

May 10

Wondai (ju­niors) v Cen­tral Bur­nett Brumbies - Wondai

Round 6 – May 17

Monto v Nanango – Monto

Theodore v Mur­gon – Theodore

Kin­garoy v Gayn­dah – Kin­garoy

Mun­dub­bera v Wondai – Kin­garoy

Nanango (ju­niors) v Cen­tral Bur­nett Brumbies – Nanango

Round 7 – May 24

Monto v Gayn­dah – Monto

Mun­dub­bera v Theodore – Mun­dub­bera

Cen­tral Bur­nett Brumbies v Cher­bourg (ju­niors)

Round 8 – May 31

Gayn­dah v Wondai – Nanango

Nanango v Mun­dub­bera – Nanango Monto v Mur­gon – Monto Theodore v Cher­bourg – Theodore

Mur­gon (ju­niors) v Cen­tral Bur­nett Brumbies – Mur­gon

Round 9 – June 7-8

Mun­dub­bera v Gayn­dah (Cit­rus Cup in Mun­dub­bera)

Cen­tral Bur­nett Brumbies v Cher­bourg – Mun­dub­bera

Round 10 – June 14

Mur­gon v Mun­dub­bera – Cher­bourg

Cher­bourg v Gayn­dah – Cher­bourg

Wondai v Monto – Wondai

Kin­garoy v Theodore – Wondai

Cen­tral Bur­nett Brumbies v Kin­garoy (ju­niors) – Gayn­dah

Group Fi­nal – June 21

South Bur­nett 1 v Cen­tral Bur­nett 1 – Gayn­dah

South Bur­nett 2 v Cen­tral Bur­nett 2 – Gayn­dah

Cen­tral Bur­nett Brumbies v Wondai (ju­niors) – Gayn­dah

Round 4A – June 28

Mun­dub­bera v Monto – Mun­dub­bera

Cen­tral Bur­nett Brumbies v Nanango (ju­niors) – Mun­dub­bera

Round 4B – July 12

Theodore v Gayn­dah – Theodore

Cher­bourg (ju­niors) v Cen­tral Bur­nett Brumbies – Cher­bourg

Round 5 – July 19

Gayn­dah v Monto – Gayn­dah

Theodore v Mun­dub­bera – Theodore

July 26

Gayn­dah v Mun­dub­bera – Gayn­dah

Monto v Theodore – Monto

Cen­tral Bur­nett Brumbies v Mur­gon (ju­niors) – Gayn­dah

Round 6 – Au­gust 6

Ma­jor and mi­nor semi fi­nals (se­nior)

Kin­garoy (ju­nior) v Cen­tral and North Bur­nett Brumbies – Wondai

Au­gust 9

Pre­lim­i­nary fi­nal Wondai v Cen­tral Bur­nett Brumbies – Wondai

Au­gust 16

Cen­tral Bur­nett grand fi­nal (se­nior)

Semi fi­nal (ju­nior) – Mur­gon

Au­gust 23

Pre­lim­i­nary fi­nal (ju­nior) – Mur­gon

Au­gust 30

Grand fi­nal (ju­nior) – Cher­bourg

U16s Brumbies Kyle Crofts (cen­tre) and Corey Macdon­ald (right) close in on Kin­garoy's Peter Moss in the South Bur­nett rugby tri­als.

The Theodore Roost­ers 2014 team.

Rugby scrum be­tween the Theodore Roost­ers and the Gayn­dah Gla­di­a­tors.

The Cen­tral Bur­nett Brumbies U16 team.

Last year’s pre­miers, the Monto Roos Rugby League team are work­ing to­ward an­other suc­cess­ful sea­son.

Cen­tral Bur­nett Brumbies U14 team. Theodore's Glen Grills hangs onto the ball

in the pres­ence of team mate Nat Hooper. Gayn­dah Gla­di­a­tors

are Trent Berry (left) and Jay­bin Pearce.

Cher­bourg and Cen­tral Bur­nett teams shake hands be­fore the game.

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