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YARD­ING was up 313 on last week to 920.

With no sale for two weeks, num­bers lifted by 51% and young cat­tle dom­i­nated the sell­ing pens.

Buyer at­ten­dance was good, with rep­re­sen­ta­tives cov­er­ing all slaugh­ter and feeder classes and a few ex­tra re­stocker buy­ers ac­tive. Prices for light weight young cat­tle gen­er­ally im­proved by 3c to 12c/kg with stronger sup­port from pro­ces­sors and re­stock­ers. Medium and heavy weight feed­ers gen­er­ally met strong de­mand, while lo­cal trade de­scrip­tions in­creased in price. The small se­lec­tion of heavy grown steers to ex­port slaugh­ter sold to a dearer trend. Cows ex­pe­ri­enced stronger de­mand to aver­age 8c/kg dearer.

Calves to the trade av­er­aged 151c while re­stocker lines av­er­aged 162c and made to 180.2c/kg. Vealer steers to re­stock­ers made to 206.2c to aver­age 10c dearer at close to 190c/kg. Vealer heifers im­proved 3c to aver­age 161c, with some to butch­ers at 194.2c/kg. Light­weight year­ling steers to feed and re­turn­ing to the pad­dock made to 193.2c and av­er­aged 181c/kg. Medium weights to feed and the trade av­er­aged 182c and sold to 193.2c, while heavy­weights to feed and the trade av­er­aged 180c/kg.

Light­weight year­ling heifers to feed av­er­aged close to 160c, while those to pro­ces­sors av­er­aged 151c and made to 163.2c/kg. Medium weights to the trade reached 177c, with a fair sam­ple at 164c/kg.

Heavy grown steers made to 195.2c to aver­age 187c/kg. Medium weight 2 score cows av­er­aged 114c and a good sam­ple of 3 scores av­er­aged 146c/kg. Good heavy cows made to a top of 174.2c and av­er­aged 160c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 166.2c/kg.


THE yard­ing of 692 was up 192 on the pre­vi­ous week.

The two-week break in the sell­ing pro­gram in­creased sup­ply and, sim­i­lar to other mar­kets, young cat­tle were in the largest num­bers. The usual ex­port and feeder buy­ers were present and op­er­at­ing, along with a few ex­tra re­stocker buy­ers. Prices for young cat­tle gen­er­ally im­proved and re­stock­ers and pro­ces­sors dis­played more in­ter­est. A hand­ful of heavy grown steers to ex­port slaugh­ter im­proved 5c, how­ever cows re­ceived the largest lift in price, with good heavy cows 12c/kg dearer.

Calves to re­stock­ers made to 200.2c and av­er­aged close to 167c, while vealer steers also to re­stock­ers mostly sold around 174c/kg. A fair sam­ple of vealer heifers sold to pro­ces­sors in a range from 150c to 167.2c/kg. Light­weight year­ling steers to feed and re­stock­ers mostly sold in the early 180c range, with sales to 189.2c/kg. Medium weights to feed av­er­aged 180c and a lift in the stan­dard saw heavy weights aver­age close to 190c to reach 192.2c/kg. Medium weight year­ling heifers to feed were well sup­plied and buy­ers were able to ab­sorb the in­creased num­bers as well as lift prices by 5c to aver­age 165c, with sales to 175.2c/kg. Lo­cal trade de­scrip­tions av­er­aged close to 170c and also made to 175.2c/kg.

A hand­ful of heavy grown steers av­er­aged 195c and made to 200c/kg. Light­weight plain cows av­er­aged 89c and medium weights av­er­aged 104c/kg. A small num­ber of good heavy cows av­er­aged 171c and made to 178.2c/kg.


AGENTS yarded a com­bined 692 head. With the Easter break com­ing up over­all num­bers in­creased. Ex­port cat­tle again had a lift in prices with cows re­ceiv­ing the most. Heavy steers and bul­locks were sought af­ter as were heavy feeder steers and heifers. Cows sold to 178.2c, heavy steers to 200.2c while 586kg heifers sold to 185.6c. Weaner steers to the pad­dock sold to 200.2c while weaner heifers sold to 167c. Full panel of buy­ers in at­ten­dance with good sup­port from feeder oper­a­tors and re­stock­ers.

Drought­mas­ter feeder steers 453kg sold for 186.2c, shorthorn cross heifers 710kg sold for 178.2c for $1265, an­gus/limo steers grain as­sisted sold for 200.2c 575kg for $1150, grey­man steers 308kg from Djuan sold for 188.2c for $580. Charo­lais feeder steers ex Goondi­windi 343kg sold for 190.2c for $654, here­ford feeder heifers 344kg sold for 158.2c for $544.


Not re­ceived by time of print.


April 9 re­port:

AGENTS re­ported a yard­ing of 4148, up 2410 from the pre­vi­ous week.

The trend of much larger num­bers in re­sponse to the im­proved prices con­tin­ued, with sup­ply more than doubling the pre­vi­ous week’s level. The usual panel of ex­port pro­ces­sor and feeder buy­ers were present and op­er­at­ing, how­ever there was less re­stocker ac­tiv­ity. Young light­weight year­ling steers and heifers sold to very er­ratic com­pe­ti­tion to ex­pe­ri­ence a large vari­a­tion in price and in places re­duced to pre-rain lev­els.

How­ever medium and heavy weight year­ling steers and heifers to feed and slaugh­ter went against this trend. Medium weight year­ling steers to feed av­er­aged 12c bet­ter and the heavy­weights im­proved 6c/kg.

Medium weight year­ling heifers to feed lifted in price by 9c and heavy­weights av­er­aged 10c/kg dearer. The very small sam­ple of heavy grown steers and bul­locks was not up to the pre­vi­ous week’s stan­dard and prices strug­gled to main­tain a firm trend. Cows gen­er­ally sold to a mar­ket 3c to 4c cheaper and up to 7c/kg in places.

A fair sam­ple of calves sold to re­stock­ers at 166c with the oc­ca­sional sale to 198.2c/kg. Vealer heifers lost 7c to aver­age 150c and sold at 160c/kg.

Light­weight year­ling steers to re­stock­ers var­ied in price from 151.2c to 227.2c to aver­age 5c cheaper at 184c/kg. The largest num­ber of medium weight year­ling steers to feed av­er­aged 186c and sold to 205.2c while the heavy­weights av­er­aged 193c and sold to 195.2c/kg. Heavy­weights to the trade mostly sold in the mid-180c/kg range.

The best of the light­weight year­ling heifers made from 140c to 150c while the largest num­ber of D mus­cle lines av­er­aged 113c/kg.

Medium weight year­ling heifers to feed were well sup­plied and buy­ers were able to ab­sorb the large sup­ply plus lift prices to 179.2c with most at 165c/kg. Heavy grown steers and bul­locks av­er­aged 181c and sold to 185.2c/kg. Light­weight plain cows av­er­aged 79c and medium weights 96c/kg. Medium weight 2 scores av­er­aged 119c and sold to129c/kg. Good heavy cows av­er­aged 4c cheaper at 156c and sold to 165.2c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 182.2c/kg.


April 10 re­port:

A TO­TAL yard­ing of 1000 head of cat­tle were penned.

Steers over 550kg sold to 190c/kg and av­er­aged 183c/kg, while steers in the 400-550kg earned to 188c/kg and av­er­aged 171c/kg. L Adams, Booringa Downs, Mitchell, sold bran­gus steers to 187c for 574kg to re­turn $1074.

G and K Lad­brook, Bu­lah, Yuleba, sold bran­gus-cross steers to 185c for 590kg to re­turn $1092. Heifers over 450kg sold to 171c/kg and av­er­aged 161c/kg, while heifers in the 350-450kg sold to 168c/kg and av­er­aged 154c/kg. R Fawck­ner and J Latham, Li­tani, Yuleba, sold charo­lais-cross heifers to 168c for 395kg to re­turn $664.

The charo­lais-cross cows sold to 163c for 545kg to re­turn $889. W and E Mar­tyn, Canowin­dra, Roma, sold charo­lais-cross heifers to 167c for 570kg to re­turn $953. The santa-cross cows sold to 165c for 582kg to re­turn $961. R and B Mobbs, Wal­lam­bank, Bol­lon, sold sim­men­tal-cross heifers to 165c for 483kg to re­turn $799. The sim­men­tal-cross cows sold to 163c for 678kg to re­turn $1107. Grab Pas­toral Co, Roma, sold char­bray-cross heifers to 163c for 462kg to re­turn $755. Cows over 500kg peaked at 169c/kg and av­er­aged 155c/kg, while cows in the 400-500kg class topped at 164c/kg and av­er­aged 140c/kg. Cows 300-400kg sold to 130c/kg and av­er­aged 110c/kg.

Cytherea Pas­toral Co, Strath­dale, Mitchell, sold brah­man cows to 169c for 570kg to re­turn $965.

Tom Darlington, Wonga­bel, Su­rat, sold drought­mas­ter-cross cows to 167c for 689kg to re­turn $1152. Clip­cam, Som­meriva, Charleville, sold brah­man-cross cows to 155c for 508kg to re­turn $788.

W and M Bryant, Cytherea, Mitchell, sold sim­men­tal-cross cows to 154c for 565kg to re­turn $872. Brett South­ern, Ne­abul Downs, St Ge­orge, sold brah­man cows to 153c for 457kg to re­turn $700. Bulls over 600kg topped at 183c/kg and av­er­aged 171c/kg. Ked­d­stock, Moon­gool, Yuleba, sold charo­lais bulls to 183c for 725kg to re­turn $1328.


AGENTS yarded 533 cat­tle. Young cat­tle re­mained very firm as did good trade lines. Feeder cat­tle were the same to a lit­tle cheaper. All ex­port sold to im­proved rates. Com­pe­ti­tion was very strong.

Year­ling heifers ac­count R and G Cap­ner, Red­land Bay sold for 151.2c weigh­ing 265kg to re­turn $400. Colthup Fam­ily Farm sold year­ling steers to 154.2c weigh­ing 225kg to re­turn $346. D Turn­bull sold pas­ture heifers for 177.2c weigh­ing 685kg to re­turn $1213. Pas­ture steers ac­count J Lit­tle, Kil­coy sold for 186.2c weigh­ing 530kg to re­turn $986. C Smith sold pas­ture ox for 183.2c weigh­ing 512kg to re­turn $938. Grain as­sist heifers ac­count Yooralla Pas­toral Co. sold for 171.2c weigh­ing 390kg to re­turn $667.


April 9 re­port:

AGENTS yarded 944 lambs and hoggets, and 328 sheep at the weekly sale. Top lambs ac­count NA and KL McKech­nie of For­est Springs sold for $135 pur­chased by Westridge Meats, and Thomas Food In­dus­tries pur­chased stock of top ac­counts J McManus of Oak Park, Texas, and TJ and SJ Bourke of Lee Three, Me­an­darra.

In a smaller yard­ing of both sheep and lambs, the mar­ket was firm on last week’s rates. Quo­ta­tions: cross­bred lambs 46-55kg $95-$135, cross­bred lambs 43-45kg $89-$128, cross­bred lambs 36-42kg $82-$132, cross­bred lambs 35-40kg $78-$103.

Cross­bred hoggets 63kg to $94 (shorn).


AGENTS yarded 240 pigs with all pork and ba­con sell­ing to strong rates. Backfatter sows firm, all stores and wean­ers sold to dearer rates.

Quo­ta­tions: prime pork $2.98-$3.14/kg, prime light ba­con $2.90-$3.01/kg, prime ba­con $2.75-$3/kg. Sows to $1.12/kg, for­ward stores $128-$161, wean­ers $54-$92.


AGENTS yarded 982 head. Only a hand­ful of bul­locks were yarded and all were good qual­ity sell­ing to a stronger mar­ket av­er­ag­ing 16c to 19c dearer. Cows also lifted in price with cows over 500kg top­ping at 153.2c and av­er­ag­ing two cents dearer, cows 400kg to 500kg were five cents dearer and light cows were 19c dearer. A very mixed line of trade heifers were yarded and av­er­aged slightly cheaper while heavy bulls were 14c dearer.

Steers 300kg to 400kg sold stronger top­ping at 177.2c and av­er­aged 18c dearer. Steers 200kg to 300kg also sold stronger top­ping at 180.2c to be 13c dearer and light steers un­der 200kg still strug­gled in places to aver­age firm on a fort­night ago.

Heifers 300kg to 400kg topped at 160.2c to aver­age slightly bet­ter than last sale. Heifers 200kg to 300kg also sold stronger top­ping at 156.2c to be nine cents dearer. While light heifers un­der 200kg also strug­gled in places they still av­er­aged 11c dearer. 18 x 18 cows and calves were yarded and sold from $300 to $410.

Cat­tle were drawn from Chin­chilla, Eidsvold, Mun­dub­bera, Mt Perry, Gayn­dah, Win­dera, Woolooga, Gunalda, Yerra, Thi­noomba, Mary­bor­ough, Howard, Childers, Bund­aberg, Bucca, Rosedale, Lowmead, Miriam Vale, Gin Gin, Booyal and all lo­cal ar­eas.

Brah­man cross cows on ac­count of KG and MA Jensen, Gin Gin sold for 146.2c or $709. MR and GL St Henry, Gaeta sold brah­man cows for 145.2c or $784. Bel­mont cross cows on ac­count of TW and RJ Hall, Good­wood topped at 143.2c or $715. Bran­gus cows on ac­count of IC and DM Walker, Mt Perry topped at 153.2c or $798. Gracedieu Graz­ing, Lowmead sold brah­man cows to top at 143.2c or $716. Braford cross cows on ac­count of BJ Hinds, Ban Ban Springs sold for 148c or $895, while two tooth brah­man cross heifers on ac­count of BJ Hinds sold for 150c or $664.


STRONG SELLER: Bur­nett Live­stock and Realty’s Paul Hast­ings with steers sold on ac­count of GS andHMYoung, Eidsvold. These steers sold for 177.2c and av­er­aged 349kg ($619 per head).

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