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BUR­NETT Live­stock and Realty’s meat­works and store sale held on a wet Mon­day, April 14, saw a yard­ing of 982 head.

Only a hand­ful of bul­locks were yarded and all were good qual­ity sell­ing to a stronger mar­ket av­er­ag­ing 16c to 19c dearer.

Cows also lifted in price with cows over 500kg top­ping at 153.2c and av­er­ag­ing two cents dearer, cows 400kg to 500kg were five cents dearer and light cows were 19c dearer.

A very mixed line of trade heifers were yarded and av­er­aged slightly cheaper while heavy bulls were 14c dearer.

Very few steers 400kg to 500kg were yarded there­fore no prices to quote.

Steers 300kg to 400kg sold stronger top­ping at 177.2c and av­er­aged 18c dearer.

Steers 200kg to 300kg also sold stronger top­ping at 180.2c to be 13c dearer and light steers un­der 200kg still strug­gled in places to aver­age firm on a fort­night ago.

Heifers 300kg to 400kg topped at 160.2c to aver­age slightly bet­ter than last sale.

Heifers 200kg to 300kg also sold stronger top­ping at 156.2c to be nine cents dearer.

While light heifers un­der 200kg also strug­gled in places, they still av­er­aged 11c dearer.

Eigh­teen cows and calves were yarded and sold from $300 to $410.

Cat­tle was drawn from Chin­chilla, Eidsvold, Mun­dub­bera, Mt Perry, Gayn­dah, Win­dera, Woolooga, Gunalda, Yerra, Thi­noomba, Mary­bor­ough, Howard, Childers, Bund­aberg, Bucca, Rosedale, Lowmead, Miriam Vale, Gin Gin, Booyal and all lo­cal ar­eas.

SA Ash­ford, Mon­duran, sold char­bray bul­locks two to eight tooth to aver­age 184.8c or $1101.

Mait­land Broth­ers, Boompa, sold four and six tooth brah­man cross bul­locks for 189.2c or $1028.

GR and DK Carr, Mun­dub­bera, sold drought­mas­ter cross four tooth bul­locks for 192.2c or $975.

LK and TM Mit­tel­heuser, Wallav­ille, sold sim­men­tal cross milk to four tooth trade heifers for 156.2c or $674.

JW Dold­ing, Gayn­dah, sold char­bray-cross cows to top at 143.2c or $748.

Rab­wire Pty Ltd, Mt Perry, sold brah­man cross cows to top at 143.2c or $637.

The Harney Fam­ily, Childers, sold brah­man cows for 145.2c or $733.

Brah­man-cross cows on ac­count of KG and MA Jensen, Gin Gin, sold for 146.2c or $709.

MR and GL St Henry, Gaeta, sold brah­man cows for 145.2c or $784.

Bel­mont-cross cows, on ac­count of TW and RJ Hall, Good­wood, topped at 143.2c or $715.

Bran­gus cows, on ac­count of IC and DMWalker, Mt Perry, topped at 153.2c or $798.

Gracedieu Graz­ing, Lowmead, sold brah­man cows to top at 143.2c or $716.

Braford-cross cows, on ac­count of BJ Hinds, Ban Ban Springs, sold for 148c or $895, while two tooth brah­man-cross heifers, on ac­count of BJ Hinds, sold for 150c or $664.

Cross­bred No 3 steers, on ac­count of BJ and SI Hol­lier, Childers, sold for 172.2c or $604.

GA and LM Mur­doch sold brah­man-cross No 3 steers to top at 168.2c or $585.

No 4 char­bray steers, on ac­count of GS and HM Young, Eidsvold, sold strongly, sell­ing from 177.2c to 180.2c or $476 to $619.

LJ and FT Howard, North Ara­mara, sold drought­mas­ter No 4 steers for 160c or $456.

R and K Shaw, Mor­ganville, sold milk tooth red bran­gus heifers for 160.2c or $507.

P Munckton, Gin Gin, sold drought­mas­ter-cross milk and two tooth heifers for 154.2c or $476.

Maulucy Pty Ltd, Yerra, sold milk tooth drought­mas­ter-cross heifers to top at 158.2c or $538.

GS and HM Young, Eidsvold, sold No 4 char­bray heifers for 156.2c or $453.

JJ and BWMad­dern, Gayn­dah, sold santa heifers 12 months for 150.2c or $448, while the weaner draft of these heifers sold for 140.2c or $322.

V Munckton, Gin Gin, sold weaner heifers for 142.2c or $293.

WE and N Bed­dows, Win­dera, sold sim­brah weaner heifers for 140.2c or $319.

BJ and SI Hol­lier, Childers, sold santa weaner heifers for 140.2c or $287.

The next meat­works and store sale will be held April 28, while the MayWeaner sale will be on May 1.


BIGGEN­DEN SALE: Bur­nett Live­stock and Realty’s Paul Hast­ings with steers sold on ac­count of GS and HM Young, Eidsvold. These steers sold for 177.2c and av­er­aged 349kg ($619 per head).

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