Light rain re­duces num­ber of cat­tle

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Roma Prime, Au­gust 21

LIGHT rain­fall across the Mara­noa re­gion pre­vented the move­ment of some cat­tle. De­spite the small num­bers of prime cat­tle penned, a full panel of ex­port pro­ces­sors were present and op­er­at­ing.

Medium weight grown steers sold to 188c and av­er­aged 185c, while the few bul­locks yarded made 182c/kg. Medium weight 3 score grown heifers made to 146c and av­er­aged 137c and those with more cover reached 175c and av­er­aged 166c, up 4c/kg. A small sam­ple of heavy weight grown heifers reached 171c/kg. Medium weight 3 score cows hit 148c and av­er­aged 132c, up 1c/kg. Medium weight 4 score cows topped at 156c and av­er­aged 152c, up 2c, while heavy weight 4 score cows earned to 163c and av­er­aged 158c, up 9c/kg.

Toowoomba El­ders, Au­gust 25

THE large in­crease in sup­ply con­tained a good mix of most classes. A full panel of ex­port buy­ers com­peted in a much dearer mar­ket, pushed on by ex­tra su­per­mar­ket com­pe­ti­tion. The usual feeder and lo­cal trade op­er­a­tors were also present, along with some ad­di­tional re­stocker buy­ers. Prices gen­er­ally im­proved across the board, with gains of 10c to 20c/kg fairly com­mon.

Re­stock­ers com­peted against the feeder op­er­a­tors on both year­ling steers and heifers and prices im­proved ac­cord­ingly. Heavy grown steers and bul­locks to ex­port slaugh­ter av­er­aged over 20c/kg dearer. The much dearer trend flowed onto the cows, with av­er­age prices 16c to 20c/kg bet­ter.

Calves to the trade av­er­aged 168c, while a few re­turn­ing to the pad­dock made to 202.2c and av­er­aged 191c/kg. A cou­ple of vealer steers sold to the lo­cal butcher trade at 213.2c and the best of the vealer heifers made to 195.2c/kg. Light­weight year­ling steers to feed av­er­aged 200c, while those re­turn­ing to the pad­dock made to 209.2c, av­er­ag­ing 198c, and poor qual­ity lines av­er­aged 158c/kg. Medium weight year­ling steers to feed reach 211.2c, with most from 193c to 203c/kg. Light­weight year­ling heifers to feed and re­stock­ers av­er­aged 174c, with some to 185c/kg. The best of the medium weight year­ling heifers to feed made to 187.2c and av­er­aged 183c/kg.

Heavy grown steers and bul­locks av­er­aged over 200c, with some to 206.2c/kg. Medium weight 2 score cows av­er­aged 131c and made to 135.2c/kg. Good heavy cows reached 178.2c to av­er­age 174c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 191.2c/kg.

War­wick, Au­gust 26

THE sup­ply of stock in­creased by 23% in re­sponse to the lift in prices ex­pe­ri­enced at the pre­vi­ous sale. A re­turn to a full panel of ex­port buy­ers lifted prices on heavy grown steers, bul­locks and cows by 15c to 20c/kg. Feeder op­er­a­tors and butch­ers main­tained a stronger trend on medium and heavy weight year­ling steers and heifers. How­ever, light­weight young cat­tle were slow to re­spond to the gen­eral im­prove­ment in the mar­ket, with re­stock­ers be­ing very cau­tious.

Calves re­turn­ing to the pad­dock made to 198.2c and av­er­aged 167c/kg. The oc­ca­sional vealer steer sold to the lo­cal butcher trade at 215.2c and the best of the vealer heifers reached 193.2c, with the largest num­ber at 173c/kg. Light­weight year­ling steers re­turn­ing to the pad­dock av­er­aged 185c, with sales to 203.2c/kg. Medium weights to feed av­er­aged in the 190c range, with some to 210.2c/kg.

Medium weight year­ling heifers to feed sold from 173c to 186c, with sales to 194.2c/kg. Lo­cal trade lines av­er­aged 184c and made to 205c/kg.

Heavy grown steers and bul­locks to ex­port slaugh­ter made to 209.2c, av­er­ag­ing 204c and 205c/kg, re­spec­tively. Light­weight plain con­di­tion cows to re­stock­ers av­er­aged 120c, while the medium weight 2 scores to pro­ces­sors av­er­aged 134c and made to 144.2c/kg. Good heavy cows av­er­aged 172c and made to 184.2c/kg. Bulls ex­pe­ri­enced much stronger de­mand and sold to 215.2c/kg.


THE IS­SUES: Sen­a­tors Barry O'Sul­li­van and Brett Ma­son vis­ited the Roma sa­le­yards with coun­cil­lors Scott Wa­son and Cameron O'Neil last week.

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