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How to play am­brose

At least one tee shot of each team mem­ber must be used in the nine holes. Once the tee shots are played, the team se­lects the ball from where they wish to play their next shot from. The se­lected ball may be marked. Each team mem­ber then plays their next shot within one club length of the se­lected ball. The process is re­peated for each shot, with the best po­si­tioned ball be­ing se­lected. Once on the green the se­lected ball is marked and each putt is taken from within 15cm of that spot. The to­tal num­berof strokes is en­tered on the score­card to­gether with the ini­tials of the team mem­ber.

How to play match play

This is one of the main forms of com­pe­ti­tion in golf. It pits play­ers against one another, rather than one against the field as in stroke play. Op­po­nents com­pete to win in­di­vid­ual holes, andthe player who wins the most holes wins the match. Match play can be played by two in­di­vid­u­als, one on one (known as sin­gles match play), or teams of two play­ers can square off, with four somes and four ball the most common for­mats for team play.

How to play sta­ble­ford

The tra­di­tional way to cal­cu­late the num­ber of sta­ble­ford points scored on each hole is to com­pare the player’s net score fore­ach hole (i.e. tak­ing their hand­i­cap and the stroke in­dex for the hole into ac­count) against the fixed par score. Once a player has taken two strokes more than the ad­justed fixed score, they should pick up their ball, as it is then not pos­si­ble for them to score any points on that hole. Forex­am­ple, aplayer who re­ceives a hand­i­cap stroke on a par-4 hole should pick-up once they have had six strokes, as they can­not then score any points for that hole. The win­ner of a sta­ble ford com­pe­ti­tion is the player with the high­est points to­tal.

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