Central and North Burnett Times - - LAKE CANIA FISHING CLASSIC -

WHILE there are 12 species of fish in Lake Ca­nia, care­taker

of­fered his ad­vice on some of the best to catch:

Yellowbelly, also called golden perch are snag dwellers. They are found in deep wa­ter and are at­tack feed­ers. Shrimp, worms and yab­bies all make good bait.

Eeltail cat­fish, or jew are bot­tom-feed­ers and tend to be found around the lake edges. Any bait is gen­er­ally good for them. Now is nest­ing time for cat­fish and that tends to make them ag­gres­sive. Look out for a par­tic­u­larly ag­gres­sive male by the boat ramp!

Saratoga are sur­face feed­ers. They can be found around trees and the edges of weeds. They are in­sect eaters, so can be caught us­ing grasshop­per or ci­cada lures. Not the tasti­est fish in the dam.

Span­gled perch are found ev­ery­where and eat ev­ery­thing. How­ever th­ese are not of­ten tar­geted be­cause they tend to grow only to a small size. But they have ex­cel­lent flavour, although also lots of bones.

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