Din­goes firmly in his gun’s sights

Monto shooter en­joys it

Central and North Burnett Times - - RURAL UPDATE -

HAV­ING a “dingo’s break­fast” is bush slang for skip­ping the most im­por­tant meal of the day.

But de­spite the say­ing, Monto shooter Cliver Turner said go­ing hun­gry is not some­thing din­goes are fond of, es­pe­cially with a lot of young calves around.

“I’ve even seen calves be­ing born, and a dingo just right there, ready to eat it,” he said.

Mr Turner has been track­ing, call­ing and shoot­ing din­gos and wild dogs since he was only 10-years-old.

“There’s no money in it, I just do it as a sport,” Mr Turner said.

“The coun­cil gives me $20 for a scalp and it cost about $140 to get each dingo.

“They get hun­dreds of dol­lars for them out west though. They are a re­ally big prob­lem out there.”

While the key to hunt­ing the dogs is of­ten be­ing in the right place at the right time, he also has a few tricks up his sleeve to lure them closer.

“I just do a bit of ye­owl,” he said, with a laugh.

“Most peo­ple in the bush can do that though!”

In a “weak mo­ment” he

Clive Turner I’ve even seen calves be­ing born, and a dingo just right there, ready to eat it

bought a game-caller, which can im­i­tate the sound of the dogs, although they work much bet­ter with foxes.

“Usu­ally I just sit by a dam and they might come in for a drink,” he said.

“Sit­ting in the bush like that is one of the rea­sons I like do­ing it. You see all the birds you could pos­si­bly see.”

The most din­goes the Monto shooter ever got in one night was five, and the largest pack he’s seen had nine. By shoot­ing din­goes Mr Turner also spares them the hell of be­ing baited with 1080.

“But the bait is nec­es­sary. I used to shoot a dingo about ev­ery three or four times I went out. Now it’s more like ev­ery ten, so that bait is thin­ning them down a bit,” he said.

Spend­ing so much time around the dogs has given Mr Turner a lot of re­spect

PESTS TAR­GETED: Life­long dingo shooter Clive Turner shot this an­i­mal only last­week. He will soon take the scalp to the coun­cil to col­lect $20 for his trou­ble. for the an­i­mals.

“And they make great cat­tle dogs, although they do al­ways seem to do some­thing bad,” he said.

One friend raised a dingo pup as a cat­tle dog for years, be­fore he re­turned home one day to find all of his 25 geese had been eaten.

Even though Mr Turner has been keep­ing a lid on dingo num­bers for more than 70 years now, he doesn’t show much sign of slow­ing down.

He even got a new gun re­cently, a 22-250 made in Ser­bia.

“I might even go again this af­ter­noon now, I feel like it after talk­ing (about it) so much,” he said, with a laugh.

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