Oh my GORD, it’s Christ­mas pain!

Don’t let your over-in­dul­gence stop you from hav­ing a good time

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CHRIST­MAS is a great time of year, but is also known as a time of great over in­dul­gence.

Whether it be food or drink, many of us over-in­dulge in the fes­tive sea­son and while this can be ad­dressed with life­style and med­i­ca­tion, many peo­ple can also ex­pe­ri­ence re­flux all year round.

GORD, which is com­monly known as re­flux, is an aching or dis­com­fort­ing pain which can be felt from the stom­ach right up to the throat.

Bloat­ing and a feel­ing of full­ness are also symp­toms of re­flux.

Its most common causes are al­co­hol and food, par­tic­u­larly acidic, spicy or sweet foods, but it can also be caused by cer­tain med­i­ca­tions or ul­cer­a­tion of the stom­ach or in­testi­nal lin­ing.

If the re­flux is per­sis­tent or the cause is un­known, it is wise to speak to a health pro­fes­sional as soon as pos­si­ble to re­solve the prob­lem.

There are a few at-home tricks which may min­imise your risk of GORD 1. De­crease your por­tion size 2. Don’t eat big meals be­fore bed 3. El­e­vate your head with pillows while sleep­ing 4. Avoid spicy, sweet or acidic foods if they are known to cause you prob­lems.

Trust Guardian Pharmacy for facts about GORD Some­times some tips about avoid­ing symp­tom trig­gers can be all you need.

What is GORD?

GORD is the med­i­cal term for re­flux or heart­burn.

Symp­toms of GORD ap­pear when stom­ach con­tents move up into the oe­soph­a­gus caus­ing a burn­ing sen­sa­tion.

What causes GORD?

GORD can be caused by a va­ri­ety of fac­tors in­clud­ing:

Di­etary fac­tors, such as eat­ing a large meal

Stom­ach prob­lems

Smoking Oc­ca­sion­ally phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity after a large meal, drink­ing too much cof­fee or al­co­hol, or preg­nancy may cause GORD.

Where can I get help?

Your Guardian phar­ma­cist is a great source of ad­vice if you have symp­toms of GORD.

Some­times some tips about avoid­ing symp­tom trig­gers can be all you need.

For some peo­ple, pharmacy medicines can help and for oth­ers a visit to the GP is needed.

Un­treated GORD can lead to se­ri­ous health con­se­quences such as in­flam­ma­tion or ul­cer­a­tion of the oe­soph­a­gus.


IN­DUL­GENCE: Guardian Pharmacy's Stephanie Tucker (left) of­fers Sa­man­tha Rowles a rem­edy for over-in­dul­gence dur­ing the Christ­mas - New Year sea­son.

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