Central and North Burnett Times - - RURAL UPDATE -

THERE were 600 yarded Tues­day at Mur­gon’s fort­nightly sale.

Num­bers were drawn from Mun­dub­bera, Gayn­dah, Biggen­den, Yarraman, Kin­garoy, Nanango and Boon­dooma .

430kg four-tooth heifers from Win­dera sold to $810 at 188c/kg.

Drought­mas­ter trade heifers from Gayn­dah, weigh­ing 467kg, sold to 195c/kg to re­turn $911.

Drought­mas­ter bul­locks, a/c the Dell­away Fam­ily, Win­dera, sold to 224c/kg and $1266.

Full-mouthed bul­locks from Nanango sold for $1543 at 209c/kg.

Heavy bulls sold to a top of $1818 at 210c/kg.

615kg cows from B Joyce Nanango sold for $1200 at 195c/kg.

J and J Kirk, Gayn­dah, sold charo­lais cross cows for $1305 at 189c/kg.

Char­bray cows from John­stown sold to $1070 at 186c/kg and 575kg.

580kg here­ford cows from the Bennett Fam­ily, Manam­bar, sold for 185c/kg to re­turn $1078.

570kg brah­man cross cows from O and E Love, Mun­dub­bera, sold for 187c/kg for $1082.

Heavy fre­sian cows from Tansey sold for 185c/kg re­turn­ing $1564.

Cows 400–500kg sold mainly from 170-185c/kg.

Cows un­der 400kg topped at 140c/kg.

T Samp­son, Yarraman, sold 426kg an­gus steers for $1024 at 240c/kg.

Two-tooth drought­mas­ter steers weigh­ing 400kg sold for $938 at 234c/kg.

400kg bran­gus steers sold to $933 and 232c/kg.

Lo­cal char­bray steers weigh­ing 342kg sold to 229c/kg re­turn­ing $785.

S and T Cos­ford sold charo­lais cross steers for 227c/kg and $812.

314kg char­bray steers from Goomeri sold for 219c/kg for a re­turn of $688.

378kg char­bray steers from Kilki­van sold to 217c/kg for $822.

Mur­ray grey weaner steers sold for $574 and 222c/kg.

An­gus steers from Nanango sold for $602 at 280c/kg.

Charo­lais weaner steers a/c R Dower, Tin­goora, sold for $560.

350kg an­gus heifers sold for $762 at 216c/kg.

Two-tooth drought­mas­ter heifers sold for 208c/kg re­turn­ing $809.

235kg drought­mas­ter cross vealer heifers from Goomeri sold for $505 at 215c/kg.

Lo­cal char­bray vealer heifers weigh­ing 245kg sold for $517 at 211c/kg.

Light drought­mas­ter vealer heifers from Mur­gon sold for $423 at 214c/kg.

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