Steers reach 277.2c/kg at Biggen­den

Central and North Burnett Times - - RURAL UPDATE -

Monto Cat­tle and Coun­try

MONTO’s Cat­tle and Coun­try sell­ing com­plex was full with 1015 head yarded at their fort­nightly Fat and Store sale.

A qual­ity run of store cat­tle were penned with lines of weaner and feed­lot cat­tle avail­able.

Heavy bulls sold to 195c/kg or $1675.

Alan and Rhonda Price "Quambi" Ban­croft sold Bran­gus eight tooth bul­locks to 228c/kg re­turn­ing $1438.

Peter and Neri­dah Jamieson "Trilu­nar" sold Char­bray bul­locks to 218c/kg and 226c/kg av­er­ag­ing $1350. Bob Dil­lon "Dil­lon Downs" Monto sold cracker Brah­man bul­locks 560kgs for 226c/kg or $1265. Peter and Jen­nifer Gar­diner 's 456kg trade steers sold to 235c/kg or $1072.

BD and AJ Lout­tit sold Char­bray cows 630kgs for 193c/kg or $1217. Birch Pas­toral's 475kg Droughtie cows sold to 189c/kg or $900. RA Wil­son sold Brah­man cows to 194c/kg or $1145. Light store cows sold from 110 to 150c/kg.

Ride­out Graz­ing yarded two tooth trade Drought­mas­ter heifers to re­alise $860 or 209c/kg. Moretti and Son sold Braford and Brah­man trade heifers for 207c and 197c/kg to av­er­age 395kgs. Con­way Barnard penned Bran­gus and Brah­man cross No 4 heifers to re­turn $866 or 205c/kg.

KD and AP Wy­atte sold three pens of Braford cross No 4 steers, 395kgs to 412kgs for 241c/kg to av­er­age$970. Peter and De­siree Hind­marsh "Mil­ton Sta­tion" sold Drought­mas­ter and Brah­man steers 463kgs to 488kgs to 237c/kg or $1158. DR and JJ Beb­bing­ton sold Drought­mas­ter cross No 4 steers 410kgs to 234c/kg or $960. Con­way Barnard's Bran­gus No 4 steers 440kgs sold to 239c/kg or $1057. Neville and Jenny Keit­ley sold five pens of No 4 steers in­clud­ing Char­bray, Drought­mas­ter and Brah­man cross to top at 216c/kg or $950. Earl Be­necke penned Drought­mas­ter Red Brah­man No 4 steers 375kgs to re­turn $872 or 233c/kg.

Roy and Bev Mar­bach sold Char­bray and Bran­gus steers 210kg to 227kgs for 250c/kg and Brah­man steers for 226c/kg. Peter and Anne-Ma­ree Kirk­wood "Nestor­vale" sold a pen of Braford steers 286kgs for 245c/kg or $695. G and IC Au­gen­stein's Sim­brah steers sold to 230c/kg or $600. RA and DA Edgar penned Sim­brah and Brah­man steers which re­turned a top of $738 or 235c/kg. Gen­er­ally wean­ers sold from 210c to 240c/kg.

EN and HP Be­necke sold Char­bray No 4 heifers 371kgs for 219c/kg or $815 and Bran­gus cross No 4 heifers to 209c/kg or $705. Con­way Barnard's Bran­gus cross No 4 heifers 354kgs sold for $748 or 211c/kg. DS Keit­ley sold Char­bray and Drought­mas­ter cross No 4 heifers which sold from 190c to 205c/kg top­ping at $742. KJ and SL James sold Bran­gus No 4 heifers to 191c/kg or $670. Ride­out Graz­ing's No 4 Drought­mas­ter cross heifers sold for 190c and $2/kg top­ping at $785. RA and DA Edgar's Sim­brah weaner heifers sold for 211c/kg or $613. Mar­garet Main sold quiet Red Bran­gus weaner heifers to 211c/kg or $455.

Monto's next Sale will be on May 13 at 9am.

Bur­nett Live­stock

VOL­UME buy­ers from Cen­tral Queens­land through to North­ern NSW bought spir­ited com­pe­ti­tion to Bur­nett Live­stock and Re­alty’s April All Breeds Weaner sale last Thurs­day.

De­spite the rain, buy­ers were very keen to se­cure qual­ity lines of well pre­sented wean­ers.

The yard­ing of 1840 head were drawn from Hugh­en­den, Hawk­wood, Mur­gon, Tansey, Bux­ton, Mun­dub­bera, Gayn­dah, Miriam Vale, Monto, Bund­aberg, Gin Gin, Mary­bor­ough, Mt Perry, Eidsvold, Bin­jour and all lo­cal ar­eas.

Lehmann Cat­tle Co, Tansey won the Sim­men­tal class with a pen that caught the judges eye from the out­set. The heifers sold for 233c or $617 and also went on to win the Cham­pion Pen of the day. Win­ning the Bran­gus in­fused class was a pen of steers pre­sented by Queens­land Agri­cul­tural Train­ing Col­leges ‘Narayen’, sell­ing for 252c or $679. The win­ner of the Brah­man in­fused class was A& A Trig­ger Graz­ing Trust, Biggen­den with steers be­ing sold for 263c or $699. Char­bray steers pre­sented by NJ & MR Allen, Mun­dub­bera won the Char­bray in­fused class and sold for 276c or $658. SW& LE Tinck­nell, Avon­dale won the Drought­mas­ter in­fused class with a pen of steers sell­ing for 267c or $850. JA & J Kirk, Gayn­dah won the Santa in­fused class and the Santa in­fused heifers sold for 234c or $622.

An­gus cross steers from Mur­gon sold to a top of 266c or $748. Dar­ren Jones, Mt Perry sold Bran­gus steers for 249c or $734. DD & DM Dun­can, Gayn­dah sold Bran­gus steers for 253c or $647. BE & AM Goss­ner, Mon­duran sold An­gus cross steers for 253c or $652. Most An­gus steers sold from 230c to 250c.

Lehmann Cat­tle Co, Tansey sold Sim­men­tal in­fused steers for 267c or $748. The Rhind Fam­ily, Yerra sold Sim­men­tal in­fused steers for 259c $749. The Bed­dows Fam­ily, Win­dera sold Sim­brah steers for a top of 262c or $898. Sim­men­tal steers from Mur­gon sold to a top of 270c or $634. White and Larsen, Gin Gin sold Li­mousin in­fused steers for 268c or $666. Arn Hor­wood Fam­ily Trust, Gin Gin sold Li­mousin steers for 262c or $760. TW & RJ Hall, Bux­ton sold Bel­mont in­fused steers to a top of 245c or $506. L& J Op­per­mann, Bin­jour sold Mur­ray Grey steers for 246c or $531. My­ola Graz­ing, Miriam Vale sold Char­bray steers for 266c or $729. A & A Trig­ger Graz­ing Trust, Biggen­den sold Char­bray steers for 277c or $815. Jar­ick & Steven, Brooweena sold Char­bray steers for 265c or $794. Mar­cella Pas­toral, Boouby­jan sold EU Char­bray steers for 269c or $803. Chris Nu­gent, Biggen­den sold Char­bray steers for 275c or $705. Most Char­bray steers sold from 240c to 263c.

P& L McNaughton, Coalstoun Lakes sold Drought­mas­ter steers for 261c or $541. Alan May, Mt Perry sold Drought­mas­ter steers for 255c or $652.

BS & C Whi­taker, Rolling Hills Eidsvold sold Char­bray heifers for 237c or $664. Ron Kirk and Fam­ily, Gayn­dah sold Char­bray heifers for 227c or $669. JL & KA Randall, Biggen­den sold Char­bray heifers for 227c or $649. Chris Nu­gent, Biggen­den sold Char­bray heifers for 235c or $599.

RJ & KJ Pre­ston, Eidsvold sold Sim­brah heifers for 225c or $689. Pensini Graz­ing, Hugh­en­den sold a line of 228 grey Brah­man heifers to a top of 219c or $485. My­ola Graz­ing, Miriam Vale sold Bran­gus heifers for 237c or $601. Gi­goom­gan Pas­toral, Brooweena sold An­gus cross heifers for 235c or $695. White and Larsen, Gin Gin sold Li­mousin cross heifers for 232c or $654. Most heifers sold from 210c to 235c.


FULL COM­PLEX: A to­tal of 1015 head were yarded at the fornightly sale.

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