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ACROSS 7 Which planet or­bits the sun be­tween Jupiter and Nep­tune? (6) 8 What trace el­e­ment is of­ten added to salt? (6) 10 Whose 1895 novel de­scribes a jour­ney to the year 802,701? (1,1,5) 11 What large earthen­ware mug is used mainly for beer? (5) 12 What type of bird is a cor­morant? (4) 13 What fruit would you pick from a Prunus per­sica? (5) 17 The hy­draulis, in­vented by the Greek Cte­si­bius, was the first of what mu­si­cal in­stru­ment? (5) 18 Which Greek philoso­pher was the founder of Sto­icism? (4) 22 What did Michelan­gelo sculpt from 1501 to 1504? (5) 23 What would you put in a meer­schaum? (7) 24 Which group had a hit in 1986 with “Take My Breath Away”, the Os­car-win­ning song from the film Top Gun? (6) 25 Which New York-based pub­lish­ing con­glom­er­ate is one of the world’s largest pub­lish­ers of monthly mag­a­zines? (6)

DOWN 1 What is the wife or widow of a duke? (7) 2 Which great screamer is best re­mem­bered for her role in 1933’s King Kong? (3,4) 3 At mil­i­tary fu­ner­als, what is the last post tra­di­tion­ally played on? (5) 4 Mount Cinto is the high­est peak on which Mediter­ranean is­land? (7) 5 Which in­ter­nal or­gan is the body’s largest? (5) 6 Le Havre is at the mouth of which river? (5) 9 Wil­liam Shat­ner starred in the 1966 film In­cubus, the first film made in what lan­guage? (9) 14/15 Which male pop singer danced with the Royal Ballet in 1979? (7,7) 16 Which city is Canada’s largest? (7) 19 What is the Span­ish word for a sun-dried brick and for the clay soil from which the brick is made? (5) 20 Early bil­liard balls were made of what? (5) 21 Whose re­al­is­tic plays deal­ing with psy­cho­log­i­cal and so­cial prob­lems won him recog­ni­tion as the cre­ator of mod­ern drama? (5)

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