Mighty mouse takes a bite out of fin­ger

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WHEN a mouse latched onto Kristy Gar­dener’s fin­ger, nat­u­rally she tried to flick it off but its teeth had firmly em­bed­ded into her skin.

Kristy said the mouse hit the wall pretty hard but it still man­aged to es­cape into a hole in the cor­ner of the room.

“I was feed­ing the chooks when I came across the lit­tle mouse trapped in the feed drum,” Kristy said.

“I didn’t want to hurt it I just wanted to catch it and set it free, so I got the feed scooper and I caught it first time.

“I worked it up the side of the feed drum and then with­out think­ing I grabbed it.”

The Mun­dub­bera stu­dent said she didn’t think the mouse would bite her.

“Be­fore too long I seemed to have an al­ler­gic re­ac­tion to the an­ti­sep­tic that we had ap­plied neat out of the bot­tle.”

Af­ter rush­ing to the Mun­dub­bera Hos­pi­tal the fin­ger was treated with cold wa­ter and a loose ban­dage and Kristy was re­leased. “My fin­ger had swollen to twice its nor­mal size and a huge blis­ter had formed where we had put the an­ti­sep­tic,” she said.

A week later, the swelling has gone down and she is out of dan­ger of any fur­ther in­fec­tion.


RE­COV­ERED: Kristy Gar­dener shows off her dam­aged fin­ger that is still in re­cov­ery.

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