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Al­ter­na­tive for cow’s milk

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THE milk that Deb Cor­bett puts in her cof­fee might look and taste al­most like regular cow’s milk, but it comes from an un­ex­pected source.

The Coolabunia farmer has been drink­ing milk from her camels for the past few years and now wants oth­ers to give it a try.

She has not al­ways been an ad­vo­cate for camels and only be­came in­ter­ested in them by ac­ci­dent.

“We orig­i­nally had camels at our prop­erty in Black­butt to take care of our weeds,” Mrs Cor­bett said.

“They re­ally took care of our Pat­ter­son’s Curse.”

She quickly learned of the benefits of the camel’s milk and started craft­ing cos­met­ics from it and sell­ing it to peo­ple around Australia through her on­line store.

“We made milk lo­tion, soap and lip balms,” she said.

But it wasn’t un­til she came across a lo­cal pas­teuriser that she de­cided to sell their milk to con­sumers.

She said the milk had a sim­i­lar taste to cow’s milk and was a good sub­sti­tute for peo­ple who might not be able to drink regular dairy.

“It’s very good for peo­ple with di­a­betes, it’s high in iron and in vi­ta­min C,” she said. “I drink it all the time, it’s a lot like or­di­nary milk. “But maybe a lit­tle salty.” How­ever, milk­ing the camels can re­quire a bit more pa­tience than milk­ing dairy cows.

“The camels can be very tem­per­a­men­tal and it can be hard to get the milk.”

Her camel milk, Camel Milk Australia, can be or­dered from TASTE South Bur­nett.

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