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1 What nat­u­ral sub­stance is used for colour­ing mar­garine? (7) 4 What ring is thrown at a peg in a deck game? (5) 7 In 1866 David Liv­ing­stone went in search of the source of the what? (4) 8 Chrysotile, amosite and cro­ci­do­lite are the most com­monly used forms of what? (8) 10 What wide sash is worn un­der a din­ner jacket? (10) 12 What pos­i­tively-charged par­ti­cle ex­ists in all atomic nu­clei? (6) 13 What is the state cap­i­tal of New York? (6) 15 Egypt’s Pres­i­dent Nasser was born in which city? (10) 18 Maine is the only US state name with one what? (8) 19 Ac­cord­ing to the Bible, who was the first man? (4) 20 In casi­nos, what are the boxes from which cards are dealt? (5) 21 What V-shaped stripe on the sleeve of a jacket in­di­cates rank or length of ser­vice? (7)


1 What loud ex­plo­sive sound (__ boom) is caused by the shock wave of an air­craft trav­el­ling at su­per­sonic speed? (5) 2 Since 1885, what has been seen dur­ing Fe­bru­ary only in 1915, 1934, 1961 and 1999? (4,4) 3 Which bat­tle in the English CivilWar de­cided Charles I’s de­feat? (6) 4 What does the “Q” stand for in Qan­tas? (10) 5 The cos­metic in­dus­try has found a use for what grain as a med­i­ca­tion for skin? (4) 6 Florence is the cap­i­tal of which re­gion in Italy? (7) 9 Mu­si­cians Harry Con­nick Jr andWyn­ton Marsalis were born in which city? (3,7) 11 What breed of retriever orig­i­nated in New­found­land? (8) 12 In mythol­ogy, which fly­ing horse arose from slain Me­dusa’s blood? (7) 14 Which acid makes rhubarb leaves poi­sonous? (6) 16 In which city was Jor­dan’s King Ab­dul­lah II born? (5) 17 What is the high­est adult male singing voice? (4)

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