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1 Which book of the Bible con­tain­ing max­ims is at­trib­uted mainly to Solomon? (8) 7 What dome-shaped house is made from blocks of snow? (5) 8 Which US com­pany made guns, type­writ­ers and elec­tric ra­zors? (9) 9 What lu­mi­nous elec­tri­cal dis­charge oc­curs be­tween two elec­trodes? (3) 10 Which univer­sity was founded in 1701 in Con­necti­cut? (4) 11 What unit of mea­sure de­scribes the fine­ness of silk and ar­ti­fi­cial fi­bres? (6) 13 Which UK land­mark is an ana­gram of “One old fort now”? (5,2,6) 15/16 Which singer was born JR in 1932 and adopted the first names John Ray in or­der to join the air­force in 1950? (6,4) 18 What was the drink of choice in Eng­land through­out the me­dieval pe­riod? (3) 20 What mainly US-made bel­lows in­stru­ment sucks wind through reeds? (4,5) 21 Which bat­tle in Pi­cardy was the first ma­jor English vic­tory of the Hun­dred Years War? (5) 22 The name for what fi­brous sub­stance is from Greek for “not ex­tin­guish­able”? (8)


1 What al­co­holic drink is made from fer­mented pear juice? (5) 2 What, in physics, states that elec­tric cur­rent is pro­por­tional to volt­age and in­versely pro­por­tional to re­sis­tance? (4,3) 3 In 1669, which Euro­pean vol­cano killed more than 20,000 peo­ple? (4) 4 What might one call a per­son who drops things in­ad­ver­tently or fails to catch things? (13) 5 Who com­posed the Enigma Vari­a­tions? (5) 6 Which Ben El­ton play and novel is a satire of tele­vi­sion and Hol­ly­wood? (7) 7 What nar­row-edged tooth is used for cut­ting food? (7) 12 In which sport is the tar­get cen­tre called a gold? (7) 13 Which pun­gent sauce is named af­ter a state in Mex­ico? (7) 14 What de­scribes the depth of a ves­sel’s keel be­low the sur­face, es­pe­cially when loaded? (7) 15 Which town in Spain is a cen­tre of the sherry in­dus­try? (5) 17 In what units is a horse’s height mea­sured? (5) 19 Where is the Trevi Foun­tain? (4)

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