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1 What is a Mex­i­can street band? (8) 7 What writ­ing tablet was for­merly used in schools? (5) 8 What was the orig­i­nal high­way south­ward from Rome? (6,3) 9 What is a spas­modic twitch­ing of a par­tic­u­lar group of mus­cles? (3) 10 What wad­ing bird was sa­cred to the Egyp­tians? (4) 11 What might one find in a hu­mi­dor? (6) 13 What sur­gi­cal in­stru­ment re­moves cir­cu­lar sec­tions of bone from the skull? (6) 14 In a nurs­ery rhyme, what word fol­lows “haystack fast”? (6) 17 Which comic book su­per-hero was con­ceived and drawn by Bob Kane in 1939? (6) 18 In the word gen­u­flect, what does “genu” mean? (4) 20 Set up in 1670, what did the Hud­son’s Bay Com­pany prin­ci­pally trade in? (3) 22 In a pack of cards, the king of hearts is the only king with­out a what? (9) 23 In early armies, what weapon did a uh­lan carry? (5) 24 Who (Vaslav __) was con­sid­ered one of the 20th cen­tury’s great­est male dancers? (8)


1 Gianni Ver­sace was killed in which city? (5) 2 Which record com­pany was founded by Frank Si­na­tra? (7)

3 Who was the one-legged cap­tain of the Pe­quod in Moby Dick? 4 Where was Cap­tain James Cook mur­dered? (6) 5 What game are you play­ing if you are stand­ing be­hind the oche? (5)

6 What spicy sauce is made chiefly from toma­toes and vine­gar? (7)

7 What is the gap be­tween two nerve cells across which im­pulses pass? (7)

12 What style of jazz pi­ano mu­sic was de­vel­oped by Scott Jo­plin? (7)

13 What strong-smelling un­der­ground fun­gus is a culi­nary del­i­cacy? (7) 15 Tra­di­tion­ally, who guard a harem? (7) 16 What an­cient breed of dog is also called a gazelle hound?(6) 17 What is wa­ter sat­u­rated with salt? (5) 19 What hard grey­ish-black min­eral of corun­dum is a pol­ish­ing agent? (5)

21 What small or­na­mented case was once pop­u­lar for hold­ing nee­dles? (4)

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