Monto Cat­tle and Coun­try

Central and North Burnett Times - - RURAL UPDATE -

MONTO Cat­tle and Coun­try yarded 866 head for their wet fort­nightly fat and store sale. Wide­spread rain across the dis­trict of 10-15mm stopped some lines from be­ing pre­sented but ven­dors who man­aged to de­liver cat­tle were well re­warded. Paul and Mon­ica Lobegeier sold an­gus and santa cross bul­locks to $2060 or 315c/kg. War­ren and Sylvia McLachlan sold brah­man bul­locks 595kg for 314c/kg re­turn­ing $1870. Ross and Linda Grav­ing, Lowmead, penned brah­man bul­locks to make $1860 or 310c/kg. Bill and Beryl Avis sold 535kg drought­mas­ter cows to av­er­age $1533 or 251c/kg. Judd and Sonya Clarke’s droughtie cows sold to 250c/kg or $1345. GTM and DI Mclaugh­lan’s drought­mas­ter cows 526kg sold to 235c/kg or $1236. Store cows sold from 180c to 220c/kg. MD, RJ and WJ Brown sold qual­ity charo­lais and drought­mas­ter cross feeder steers 448kgs for 345c/kg or $1550. Brian and Melissa Hill, Hill­bor­ough Sta­tion, sold 426kg char­bray steers for 341c/kg or $1455. GTM and DI McLaugh­lan’s drought­mas­ter No 5 steers 430kg made 339c/kg or $1457. LA Grav­ing sold a run of bran­gus drought­mas­ter and brah­man-cross steers to av­er­age 338c/kg or $1085. Ashen­hurst Part­ner­ship, Boyne Val­ley, sold a run of No 5 drought­mas­ter brah­man-cross steers which topped at 360c/kg or $1186 to av­er­age 346c/kg or $1065. Pat Wil­liams sold 356kg santa heifers for 335c/kg or $1192. Bill Avis sold drought­mas­ter No 5 heifers 386kg for 344c/kg or $1330. KD and AP Wy­atte’s 340kg brah­man-cross No 5 heifers for 325c/kg or $1110. KP and KJ Hockey sold speyed santa-cross No 5 heifers 327kg for $1022 or 312c/kg. Wright Bros sold drought­mas­ter weaner heifers 216kg for 330c/kg or $715. Robert Tucker sold 255kg Ro­mag­nola weaner heifers for 315c/kg or $803. Roy May sold mur­ray frey weaner heifers 185kg for 316c/kg or $585. Monto’s next Fat and Store sale is on Wed­nes­day, July 20.

Weaner Steers to $3.64 c/kg

PRATT Agen­cies yarded 1400 qual­ity wean­ers at their An­nual June Weaner Sale. The mar­ket for both steers and heifers was ex­cep­tional with the yard­ing av­er­ag­ing $3.32c/kg. Buy­ers from NSW, Ta­room, Wan­doan and North and South Bur­nett were all keen to re­stock. The Stumm Fam­ily, Goomeri, sold char­bray steers for $1087 at $3.45c/kg. Charo­lais steers from M& L Bishop, Kin­garoy, sold for $356c/kg to re­turn $1066. T and B Schulz, Mof­fat­dale, sold charo­lais steers for $935 and $3.50c/kg. J Craw­ford, Mur­gon, sold drought­mas­ter steers for $998 (3.31) and $708 (3.47). Bran­gus steers from R Sakrzewski, Mur­gon, sold for $977 at $3.35c/kg. 207kg gelvieh-cross steers from B Thun, Win­dera, sold for $941 at $3.33c/kg. N Pearce, Tansey, sold char­bray steers for $3.50c/kg and $869. two pens of charo­lais steers from G and J Zahl, Gayn­dah, sold for $916 (3.51) and $804 (3.64). Peenam Pas­toral, Manum­bar, sold santa steers for $3.63c/kg re­turn­ing $885. Wild Horse Pas­toral also sold steers for $3.63c/kg for $807. J and M Zill­man, Gayn­dah, sold a draft of 60 santa steers for an av­er­age of $847 and $3.61c/kg. Char­bray steers a/c A and R Barsby, Tansey, sold for $868 at $3.61c/kg. Drought­mas­ter steers from B and A Gan­non, Gayn­dah ,sold for $3.60c/kg for $811. Two pens of char­bray steers from A Mar­shall, Nanango, sold for $841 (3.60) and $692 (3.65). 204 kg Charo­lais steers a/c Ban­damill sold for $732 at $3.58c/kg. Santa-cross steers from T Court, Goomer,i sold to $922 at $3.50c/kg. Char­bray steers from M Smith, Gayn­dah, sold for $742 at $3.51c/kg. Waringa Breed­ing Co, Hivesville, sold a line of 95 drought­mas­ter steers for an av­er­age of $682 and $3.56c/kg. 70 Char­bray and Bran­gus steers from R Ran­dle sold to a top of $812, av­er­ag­ing $660 (3.45). Buddy Hunter and Fam­ily, Stu­art River, sold char­bray steers for $723 and $3.55c/kg. Yar­ran­doo Hold­ing,s Yar­ra­man, sold an­gus-cross steers for $731 at $3.50c/kg. 207 kg brah­man-cross steers from R Dray­ton, Gayn­dah, sold for $745 at $3.59c/kg. R& A Bam­bling, Wondai, sold 197kg santa steers for $3.61c/kg re­turn­ing $711 M and S Kenny, Gayn­dah, sold a line of 45 Braford steers to av­er­age $732 at $3.52c/kg. G and A Sip­pel, Mur­gon, sold an­gus-cross heifers for $893 at $3.10c/kg. 231kg charo­lais heifers from Kin­garoy sold for $870 and 3.08c/kg. 250kg char­bray heifers, ex-Tansey, sold for $3.14 re­turn­ing $785. G Zahl Gayn­dah sold 252kg charo­lais heifers for $714 at $3.07c/kg. M Kenny sold braford heifers for $620 (3.14) and $516 (3.14). 45 Braford heifers from R and D Kenny, Gayn­dah, sold to a top of $696 av­er­ag­ing $546 at $3.06c/kg. Char­bray heifers from B and K King, Mun­dub­bera, sold for $546 and $3.11c/kg. Light an­gus-cross heifers from A Mar­shall sold for $3.25c/kg to re­turn $546.


Auc­tion­ing the beasts at the Monto Cat­tle Sale.

Tag­ging the beasts at the Monto sale.

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