Central and North Burnett Times - - RURAL UPDATE -

MUR­GON Agents still man­aged to yard 600 head af­ter wet weather over the week­end caused sev­eral can­cel­la­tions for the fort­nightly sale. Ex­port cat­tle re­mained fully firm on the last sale. Feeder steers and heifers as well as most weaner types were prob­a­bly a shade dearer. Cat­tle were sent from Mun­dub­bera, Gayn­dah, Mt Perry, Biggen­den, Yar­ra­man, Nanango, Kin­garoy & lo­cally. K& M Arm­strong Manyung sold char­bray bul­locks for $3.20c/kg and $1693. Few heavy bulls were yarded sell­ing to $2.64 c/kg. Heavy ex­port heifers from Kilki­van sold for $1434 at $2.77c/kg. Heavy cows over 500 kg topped at $2.68c/kg av­er­ag­ing 2.54c/kg. Cows 400–500kg av­er­aged $2.32 c/kg top­ping at $2.54 c/kg. Lighter cows un­der 400kg av­er­aged $1.93 c/kg. Li­mousin steers a/c O& E Love Mun­dub­bera sold for $3.53 c/kg to re­turn $1450. Glen­rock Farms Cloyna sold 440kg Bran­gus steers for $1540 at $3.49c/kg. Santa cross steers a/c B& A Bar­bour Mun­dub­bera sold to $3.43c/kg for $1492. 345kg An­gus steers from Pros­ton sold for $3.53c/kg re­turn­ing $1218. G& S Hick­mott Goomeri sold Gelvieh cross steers weigh­ing 372 kg for $1264 at $3.40c/kg. L& R New­ton Manyung sold 350kg Brah­man steers for $1190 also at $3.40 c/kg. B& A Gan­non Gayn­dah sold two pens of drought­mas­ter weaner steers for $3.61c/kg re­turn­ing $922 and $772 re­spec­tively. 240 kg braford cross weaner steers from S Din­gle Mt Perry sold for $842 at $3.50c/kg. Fresh brah­man cross weaner steers from O Kenny Gayn­dah sold for $791 at $3.14c/kg. M Atkin­son Goomeri sold Gelvieh cross weaner steers for $723 and $3.64c/kg. Light char­bray weaner steers from Mun­dub­bera sold for $537 and $3.63c/kg. Bet­ter qual­ity lines of weaner steers sold mainly in the $2.40 to $2.60c/kg range. Two pens of drought­mas­ter heifers from J& M Pas­toral Hold­ings Wooroon­den sold for $3.15c/kg re­turn­ing $1220 and $1134.00. 355 kg Mur­ray grey heifers from E Ran­dle Pros­ton sold for $1174 at $3.30c/kg. 388 kg drought­mas­ter cross heifers from Karinya Pas­toral Co Mur­gon sold for $1278 and $3.29c/kg. 337 kg li­mousin cross heifers from Mun­dub­bera sold for $3.20c/kg and $180. 288 kg Mur­ray grey weaner heifers sold to $3.19c/kg and $921. Glen­rock Cat­tle Co Nanango sold Gelvieh cross weaner heifers for $3.18c/kg and $680. Koo­booda Graz­ing Gayn­dah sold a line of light bran­gus weaner heifers for an aver­age of $465.00 and $3.10c/kg. Cows and calves sold to $1250.


Cat­tle at the TopX sale.

The Mur­gon sale.

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