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AV­O­CADO This month:$2.49ea Last month: $2.63ea Move­ment:$0.14 Av­er­age: $2.56ea BEET­ROOT This month:$4.99/kg Last month: $3.49/kg Move­ment: $1.50 Av­er­age: $4.24/kg BROC­COLI This month: $7.15/kg Last month: $5.82/kg Move­ment:$1.33 Av­er­age: $6.48/kg BROWN ONION This month: $2.99/kg Last month: $2.42/kg Move­ment:$0.57 Av­er­age: $2.70/kg BRUSHED POTATO This month:$2.66/kg Last month: $1.93/kg Move­ment:$0.73 Av­er­age: $2.29/kg BUT­TER­NUT PUMP­KIN This month:$3.15/kg Last month: $2.42/kg Move­ment:$0.73 Av­er­age: $2.78/kg BUT­TON MUSH­ROOMS This month: $14.32/kg Last month: $12.32/kg Move­ment: $2.00 Av­er­age: $13.32/kg CAB­BAGE This month:$6.65/kg Last month: $6.99/kg Move­ment:$0.34 Av­er­age: $6.82/kg CAR­ROT This month: $2.82/kg Last month:$2.98/kg Move­ment:$0.16 Av­er­age: $2.90/kg CAU­LI­FLOWER This month:$5.65/kg Last month:$5.49/kg Move­ment: $0.16 Av­er­age: $5.57/kg CAVENDISH BANANA This month: $3.04/kg Last month: $2.75/kg Move­ment:$0.29 Av­er­age: $2.89/kg CHERRY TOMATO This month:$3.66/kg Last month:$3.49 a pun­net Move­ment:0.17 Av­er­age: $3.57/kg EGG­PLANT This month:$8.49/kg Last month: $6.99/kg Move­ment:$1.50 Av­er­age: $7.74/kg 

We’re com­par­ing price trends for 30 fruits and veg­eta­bles in our shops.

PRICES have re­duced slightly on beans and cap­sicums, which are still firmly priced, but you will make some sav­ings af­ter a price falls on broc­coli and cau­li­flower which are value-for-money.

For bar­gain hunters, there are plenty of rea­son­able priced beet­root, brus­sels sprouts and sweet pota­toes (also known as ku­mara) avail­able. The or­ange fleshed sweet potato va­ri­eties usu­ally taste sweeter than the white fleshed va­ri­eties.

Ex­pect to pay firm prices for good qual­ity Asian veg­eta­bles, im­ported as­para­gus, cab­bage, cel­ery, egg­plant, fen­nel, leeks, parsnips, snow peas, squash, zuc­chini, mush­rooms, and most un­usu­ally, onions, pota­toes and pump­kin.

Sil­ver­beet and sweet corn are ex­pen­sive. Select sweet corn with fresh, green husks. The ker­nels should be bright, plump and show no signs of wrin­kling.

Some salad items will cost you more than usual with Le­banese cu­cum­bers ex­pen­sive while con­ti­nen­tal va­ri­eties are firmly priced.

Most herbs are rea­son­ably priced but mint, co­rian­der and basil are in short sup­ply re­sult­ing in an ex­pen­sive price tag.

Ex­pect to pay rea­son­able prices for av­o­ca­dos. GREEN BEANS This month: $17.99/kg Last month: $12.32/kg Move­ment:$5.67/KG Av­er­age: $15.15/kg ICE­BERG LET­TUCE This month: $3.99/kg Last month: $3.52/kg Move­ment: Av­er­age: JAP PUMP­KIN This month: $2.56/kg Last month: $1.66/kg Move­ment:$0.89 Av­er­age: $2.11/kg LE­BANESE CU­CUM­BER This month:$7.99/kg Last month: $4.99/kg Move­ment:$3.00 Av­er­age: $6.49/kg LIME This month: $15.65/kg Last month: $14.99/kg Move­ment:$0.66 Av­er­age: $15.32/kg MURCOTT MAN­DARIN This month: $3.24/kg Last month:$4.32/kg Move­ment: $1.08/kg Av­er­age: $3.78/kg PINEAPPLES This month: $3.49ea Last month: $3.24ea Move­ment: $ 0.25 Av­er­age: $3.36/kg RED CAP­SICUM This month:$7.65/kg Last month: $6.99/kg Move­ment:$0.66 Av­er­age:$7.32/kg RED DE­LI­CIOUS AP­PLE This month:$5.15/kg Last month: $5.26/kg Move­ment: $0.11 Av­er­age: $5.20/kg RED GRAPE This month: $8.99/kg Last month:$7.16/kg Move­ment: $1.83/kg Av­er­age: $8.07/kg SNOW PEAS This month: $26.41/kg Last month: $21.52/kg Move­ment: $4.89/kg Av­er­age: $23.96/kg SULTANA GRAPE This month:n/a Move­ment: n/a Last month:n/a Av­er­age: n/a TOMATO This month: 6.85/kg Last month: $6.66/kg Move­ment: $0.19 Av­er­age:$6.75/kg

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