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1 Who was Hitler’s Min­is­ter of Pro­pa­ganda? (8) 7 Mid­dle Dutch būsen for “drink to ex­cess”, gave us what word? (5) 8/9/10 Eric Bartholomew and Ernest Wise­man found fame as who? (9,3,4) 11 What are rel­a­tives you ac­quire through mar­riage? (2-4) 13 Which US pres­i­dent said “You can tell a lot about a fel­low’s char­ac­ter by his way of eat­ing jelly­beans”? (6) 14 What unit of dry or liq­uid mea­sure equals eight Im­pe­rial gal­lons? (6) 17 Which Libyan port is the out­let for a ma­jor oil pipe­line? (6) 18 In a Hans Chris­tian An­der­sen tale, what did the ugly duck­ling be­come? (4) 20 What might a golfer call a hole-in-one? (3) 22 What French ex­pres­sion de­scribes a pri­vate con­ver­sa­tion be­tween two peo­ple? (4-1-4) 23 What slow-mov­ing trop­i­cal Amer­i­can an­i­mal hangs up­side down in trees? (5) 24 The first pub­lic per­for­mance of a play, film or opera is a what? (8)


1 Who (Ge­orge ___), with Ralph Alpher and Hans Bethe, de­vel­oped the “big bang” the­ory of the ori­gin of the uni­verse? (5)

2 In Or­well’s 1984, Ocea­nia, Eas­ta­sia and which other are the su­per­states? (7)

3 Who (Pearl ____) won the No­bel prize for lit­er­a­ture in 1938? (4) 4 What would you pick from a Cit­rus limon? (6) 5 In South Amer­ica, what mis­sile of balls con­nected by strong cord is thrown to bring down an­i­mals? (5)

6 What thread­like stem grows from a climb­ing plant? (7) 7 Minsk is the cap­i­tal of what coun­try? (7) 12 “So foul and fair a day I have not seen” is said by which Shake­spearean char­ac­ter? (7)

13 What is be­com­ing ill again af­ter an ap­par­ent re­cov­ery? (7)

15 Who is the fron­tiers­man hero in The Last of the Mo­hi­cans? (7) 16 What was Django Rein­hardt’s in­stru­ment? (6) 17 What male voice is be­tween alto and bari­tone? (5) 19 In Spain, what is your so­b­rina? (5) 21 What plant is a ken­tia? (4)

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