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1 Marsh marigold is the US name for what Euro­pean plant? (7) 4 Which Mid­dle East coun­try is known as the Venice of the Gulf? (5) 7 What is the imag­i­nary line about which the Earth ro­tates? (4) 8 What is the sec­ond-youngest sec­tion in Girl Guid­ing called? (8) 10 What is mouth-to-mouth re­sus­ci­ta­tion some­times called? (4,2,4) 12 What is a wild or half-tamed horse of the west­ern US? (6) 13 What model Rolls Royce air­craft en­gine did the Spit­fire have? (6) 15 The name of what game (__ __ Words) was changed to Scrab­ble in 1948? (5,5) 18 A Lon­don Ir­ish fam­ily known for their ruf­fi­an­ism is the likely source of what word? (8) 19 Formica was orig­i­nally de­vel­oped as a sub­sti­tute for what elec­tri­cal in­su­la­tion? (4) 20 What word was never men­tioned in the film The God­fa­ther? (5) 21 In Dick­ens’ Pick­wick Pa­pers, what is the oc­cu­pa­tion of Dod­son and Fogg? (7)


1 What is a stick of cal­cium sul­phate more com­monly called? (5) 2 What is an area of wooden pan­elling on the lower part of a room’s walls? (8) 3 Ro­man em­per­ors wore robes of what colour? (6) 4 Who mar­ried co­me­dian Lenny Henry in 1984? (4,6) 5 What is a flash­ing point of light on a radar screen? (4) 6 What is the most im­por­tant prod­uct of the pan­creas? (7) 9 What small but­ton ac­cor­dion is pop­u­lar in Ca­jun mu­sic? (10) 11 What is con­tro­ver­sially added to many wa­ter sup­plies? (8) 12 Which wood did Mac­beth see mov­ing in Mac­beth? (7) 14 Which coun­try has a lit­er­acy rate of over 95%, the high­est in the Mid­dle East? (6) 16 Geese and which other birds fly in skeins? (5) 17 What was Bing Crosby play­ing when he died? (4)

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