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Num­bers re­mained steady at 700 at Mur­gon’s fort­nightly sale on Tues­day. Moat de­scrip­tions re­mained fairly firm but val­ues did ease in some places. The dry­ing con­di­tions saw the edge come off prices be­ing paid for younger re­stocker cat­tle. A full buyer’s panel of Pro­ces­sors, Feed­lot­ters, lo­cal re­stock­ers, as well as re­stock­ers from the Downs and NSW was in at­ten­dance. Cat­tle were con­signed from Biloela. Mun­dub­bera, Gayn­dah, Mt Perry, Durong, Nanango, Kin­garoy & lo­cally. Char­bray Steers from Redgate sold to $1650.00 at $2.97 c/kg. Heavy Bulls topped at $1722.00 and $2.40 c/kg. Ex­port Heifers sold to $1633.00 at $3.10 c/kg. Cows over 500 kg topped at $1782.00 and $2.48 c/kg, av­er­ag­ing $2.20 c/kg. Cows in the 400-500 kg range sold to $2.35 c/kg av­er­ag­ing $2.18 c/kg. Cows un­der 400 kg av­er­aged $2.07 c/kg sell­ing to $2.25 c/kg. 427 kg Drought­mas­ter steers from W &K Sip­pel Mur­gon sold to $1431.00 at $3.35 c/kg. Char­bray steers from I R Clarke Redgate sold to $3.32 c/kg re­turn­ing $1656.00. 409 kg Char­bray steers from Wooroolin sold to $1344.00 at $3.28 c/kg. 370 kg An­gus steers a/c HICO Goomeri sold for $3.50 c/kg re­turn­ing $1295.00. G& T Campbell Par­adise Dam sold 3 pens of Santa weaner steers for $4.00 per kilo re­turn­ing $944.00, $851.00 & $727.00. 2 pens of Char­bray weaner steers from R & F Ni­chol Mt Perry sold for $3.99 c/kg re­turn­ing $944.00 & $851.00. Their third pen sold for $885.00 at $3.80 c/kg. 258 kg Drought­mas­ter weaner steers from Toon­doon Graz­ing Mun­dub­bera sold for $996.00 at $3.86 c/kg. Santa weaner steers from R Craw­ford Mur­gon sold for $960.00 at $3.72 c/kg. An­gus cross weaner steers a/c M Atkin­son Goomeri sold to $843.00 and $3.69 c/kg. 405 kg An­gus cross heifers from Karinya Pas­toral Co Mur­gon sold to $3.41 c/kg for $1361.00. 338 kg Sim­men­tal heifers a/c D Louis Goomeri sold to $1143.00 at $3.38 c/kg. 303 kg Char­bray weaner heifers from Goomeri sold for $945.00 at $3.12 c/kg. Brah­man weaner heifers from Gayn­dah weigh­ing 232 kg sold for $823.00 at $3.54 c/kg. P & A Din­gle Mt Perry sold Brah­man cross weaner heifers for $908.00 at $3.53 c/kg. Vealer heifers sold mainly from $3.10 to $3.40 c/kg. The next Sale is Tues­day Novem­ber 22. The last sched­uled sale for 2017 is the De­cem­ber 6.


Con­tin­ued dry weather across the North Bur­nett has con­trib­uted to the fall in prices at the Monto sale on Oc­to­ber 26. Prices were gen­er­ally back 20 cents for most de­scrip­tions. Monto yarded 780 head for their fort­nightly fat and store sale. Cat­tle were drawn from Goovi­gen, Mun­dub­bera, Boyne Val­ley, Lowmead, Har­rami and Monto dis­tricts. Heavy bulls sold to 233c/kg or $1838. Drought­mas­ter bulls to go back to the pad­dock sold to $3000. Ron and Mar­garet Hamp­son sold 700kg Santa bul­locks for $2046 or 293c/kg. GTM and DI McLaugh­lan penned Droughtie bul­locks 565kgs to re­alise 291c/kg or $1645. Les and Anne Mar­shall, Goovi­gen sold 554kg Char­bray cows for 242c/kg or $1342. AK and CJ Bald­win sold Droughtie cows 475kgs for 237c/kg or $1126. SA and PK Leahy yarded Santa cows 487kgs to re­turn $1145 or 235c/kg. JM Jenk­in­son sold Brah­man store cows for $828 or 206c/kg. AD and HJ Clif­ford sold milk tooth Santa cross heifers 428kgs for 330c/kg or $1410 and two tooths for $1255 or 292c/kg. AK and CJ Bald­win sold Drought­mas­ter heifers 466kgs for 270c/kg or $1260. PF Ad­cock sold 517kg Red Bran­gus Santa cross No 5 steers for $1805 or 350c/kg. Ad and HJ Clif­ford sold Santa No 5 steers 432kgs for 353c/kg or $1527. Les and Anne Mar­shall’s Char­bray No 5 steers sold to $1515 or 353c/kg. Ron and Sheena Ogle sold three pens of Drought­mas­ter cross No 5 steers for 368c/kg top­ping @ $1262. 324kg An­gus steers ac­count LA and NC Arkin­stall sold for $1160 or 357c/kg. SP and HO Moss­man, Ubobo sold Drought­mas­ter Brah­man No 5/6 steers for 391c/kg or $1010. Wayne and Julie Roger sold Char­bray cross weaner steers 250kgs for 385c/kg or $966. JT Ca­ha­lane sold Drought­mas­ter cross weaner steers for $940 or 393c/kg. Tim and He­len Hut­ton sold aged Brah­man cross cows and calves for $1420. Rod and Tina McLaugh­lan sold 390kg Char­bray heifers for $1220 or 313c/kg. N and J Keit­ley sold a run of Drought­mas­ter Char­bray cross No 5 speyed heifers 305c to 333c/kg top­ping @ $1132. Ashen­hurst Part­ner­ship sold Droughtie cross No 5 heifers from 317c to 320c/kg. RL and LK Reimer penned Bran­gus cross No 5 heifers to re­turn $864 or 326c/kg. WB and JM Rogers’ Char­bray Santa cross weaner heifers sold to $766 or 339c/kg. Si­mon Stan­hope sold light Brah­man heifers 161kgs for $532 or 330c/kg. A sale was held in Monto on Wed­nes­day.


Folkslee Bazadaise and Bran­gus Stud Property Open Day on Oc­to­ber 22 was a re­ward­ing re­sult for suc­cess­ful Bazadaise breed­ers Rod­ney and Karen Jo­han­nesen who said the day was ab­so­lutely fan­tas­tic. The day gen­er­ated in­ter­est and the pos­i­tive re­sponse re­sulted in good sales of bulls and fe­males with visi­tors com­ing from NSW, Roma, the Bris­bane Val­ley, Gympie and lo­cal ar­eas. Huge in­ter­est was shown from visi­tors with many com­ments on the high qual­ity and quite temperament of the of­fer­ing in both the Bazadaise and Bran­gus. Open day visi­tors could see for them­selves the ben­e­fit of cross breed­ing us­ing Bazadaise bulls to boost growth and in­crease car­case yield with the large dis­play of cross­bred cat­tle. Once again the suc­cess of the Jo­han­nesens poll breed­ing pro­gram was in the spot light with the im­pres­sive re­sults of the past 21 years of se­lec­tive poll ge­netic de­vel­op­ment. Vis­i­tor in­ter­est was very en­cour­ag­ing, Rod­ney said, as they could eas­ily see that the qual­ity char­ac­ter­is­tics of the full French Bazadaise are all be­ing re­tained with the added ben­e­fit of no horns. A pho­to­graphic dis­play which in­cluded pro­gres­sive photos since Rod­ney and Karen first in­spected the property seven years ago and a bar­be­cue was set up in the ma­chin­ery shed.


The Monto sale on Oc­to­ber 26.

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