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1 Which is the largest of the Ca­nary Is­lands? (8) 7 What is a large wall paint­ing? (5) 8 What sil­very al­loy (__ metal) con­sists of tin, an­ti­mony and usu­ally cop­per, lead, or zinc? (9) 9 What is the Viet­namese New Year called? (3) 10 What chess piece typ­i­cally has its top in the shape of a bat­tle­ment? (4) 11 What round, close-fit­ting hat is worn on the back of the head? (6) 13 Which cor­po­ra­tion was formed in 1919 by Mary Pick­ford, Douglas Fair­banks, Char­lie Chap­lin and D W Grif­fith? (6,7) 15 What is a line marked on a cricket pitch? (6) 16 Along with Johnson and Roo­sevelt, the US has had two pres­i­dents with which sur­name? (4) 18 Latin ni­hil gave us what word? (3) 20 Lord Nel­son died in which naval bat­tle? (9) 21 What is the act of loan­ing money at an ex­or­bi­tant rate of in­ter­est? (5) 22 Which hills (The __) ex­tend from the Scot­tish bor­der into Eng­land’s Peak Dis­trict? (8)


1 What river flows through Rome? (5) 2 In which African city was singer Roger Whit­taker born? (7) 3 500 sheets of pa­per make a what? (4) 4 Which James Joyce novel opens with the sec­ond half of the sen­tence that starts at the very end of the book? (9,4) 5 On which Greek is­land can the re­mains of the Mi­noan civilisation be seen? (5) 6 What is vo­cal ap­pa­ra­tus of the lar­ynx called? (7) 7 What pro­vided the ig­ni­tion spark in early petrol en­gines? (7) 12 Ac­cord­ing to the Bi­ble, what is our al­lot­ted life­span? (7) 13 What type of atom bomb ex­ploded over Hiroshima in 1945? (7) 14 What de­vice is used to im­mo­bilise an at­tacker with­out caus­ing se­ri­ous in­jury, typ­i­cally by ad­min­is­ter­ing an elec­tric shock? (4,3) 15 What short, flat-headed nail is used for at­tach­ing sheet metal to wood? (5) 17 As ca­nine ap­plies to dogs, what does lep­orine re­fer to? (5) 19 Anal­ge­sia is the in­abil­ity to feel what? (4)

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