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AFRICAN Love­g­rass con­tin­ues to con­cern lo­cal land own­ers with its eva­sive­ness and dif­fi­culty to kill off par­tic­u­larly in the warmer months.

African Love­g­rass tops a list from the North Bur­nett Re­gional Coun­cil out­lin­ing the most per­va­sive weeds in the re­gion.

Mo­tor ve­hi­cle wash down fa­cil­i­ties are lo­cated across the North Bur­nett from Gayn­dah to Monto, Mun­dub­bera and Eidsvold.

WoodyWeed Man­age­ment owner Lind­say Din­gle is an in­dus­try pro­fes­sional and a land owner with first hand ex­pe­ri­ence on the dam­age non na­tive weeds cause.

“As land own­ers our­selves we are more scared of the African Love­g­rass than the Rat’s Tail or any­thing else like that be­cause of the eva­sive­ness,” Mr Din­gle said.

“It’s so tough and it tends to be re­silient and keeps on com­ing back, a lot of gra­ziers I speak to are say­ing they are cop­ing ok for now but it def­i­nitely con­cerns me.”

Mr Din­gle said the rapid rate African Love­g­rass took over an area would be the big­gest is­sue with the weed af­ter its eva­sive­ness.

“It seems to take over square me­tres quickly and re­ally does dam­age to na­tive grasses or pas­tures,” Mr Din­gle said.

“You need to spray it at an early time in the sea­son be­fore it gets too ma­ture and the seed starts to spread. It can be hard to recog­nise them in the warmer months so you have a lim­ited win­dow of op­por­tu­nity.”

Mr Din­gle be­lieves the wash down fa­cil­i­ties across the North Bur­nett are a good step to­wards com­bat­ing weeds.

“They are a good start, but like any­thing else that is DIY it is only as good as the per­son wants to be and how much time they want to spend wash­ing down their ve­hi­cle,” Mr Din­gle said.

“There is more to it than just wash­ing down your car, like be­ing aware of if you have driven through it and avoid­ing park­ing at a neigh­bour’s house, things like that.

“It seems to be do­ing the right thing, it’s not per­fect but it is a great start.”

The sooner you can iden­tify a weed and spray it the bet­ter the chance of stop­ping its spread, par­tic­u­larly with African Love­g­rass.

“Once you get that first sum­mer rain you’ll see it be­com­ing much more preva­lent in the area, but also eas­ier to pick up through un­til March or April,” Mr Din­gle said.

“By then it will be in full seed mode and then you are fairly well done.”

Mr Din­gle is pleased to hear about ex­tra fund­ing for a project to fight against an­i­mal and plant pests.

“Those are good con­cepts where coun­cil and state govern­ment put for­ward the chem­i­cals and em­ploy us to spray it,” Mr Din­gle said.

“That project near Miriam Vale on the coast got great re­sults and could work here too.”


WEEDS: Per­va­sive weeds are a con­stant threat within the North Bur­nett.


WEED PRE­VEN­TION: The Gayn­dah wash down fa­cil­ity open 24 hours.

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