Teething and other teeth is­sues in babes

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MANY chil­dren strug­gle with teething, leav­ing their par­ents con­cerned and won­der­ing if there is more they can do to help their child.

Teething is the erup­tion or cut­ting of baby teeth through the gums, which can cause some pain for your child.

This is a nat­u­ral part of your child’s de­vel­op­ment to en­able them to use their baby teeth to eat, but it’s one that can be painful and lead to other side-ef­fects.

Signs that your child may be teething pain in­clude cry­ing more than usual, be­ing ex­tra cranky, not feed­ing as well as usual, drib­bling more than usual, suck­ing on ob­jects, dirt­ier nap­pies, di­ar­rhoea, fever and pulling on their ears.

If your child is pulling on an ear, it will most likely be the same side of their face as where the teething is­sue is.

While all the above signs could be an in­di­ca­tion your child is un­der­go­ing a painful teething ex­pe­ri­ence, they can also be part of their gen­eral de­vel­op­ment and com­pletely un­re­lated to teething. Or they could even be the re­sult of an un­re­lated in­fec­tion or ill­ness.

One of the most com­mon ways to ad­dress teething con­cerns is to give your child some­thing cold to bite on, whether it’s a dummy, teething ring or some­thing else. Just re­mem­ber it only needs to be cold and should not be frozen.

If your child is strug­gling to eat due to teething, then try cook­ing mushier food that re­quires less chew­ing.

Suck­ing thumbs or fin­gers is a nat­u­ral re­flex for ba­bies and young chil­dren, which they should stop do­ing some time be­tween the ages of two and four. Please see a doc­tor or a child health nurse if they are show­ing no signs of stop­ping by the age of four.

Teeth grind­ing is an­other com­mon con­cern, but usu­ally does not re­quire treat­ment even if it is keep­ing you awake! Your child should grow out of this, but please see a den­tist if they are hav­ing headaches, pain or their teeth are wear­ing down. - WBHHS

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