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1 In AD79, which erupt­ing vol­cano buried the cities of Her­cu­la­neum and Stabiae? (8) 7 What is the Mus­lim name for God? (5) 8 What did Malawi change its name from in 1964? (9) 9 What is a spas­modic twitch­ing of a group of mus­cles? (3) 10 What creamy mix­ture of clay and wa­ter is used for dec­o­rat­ing earth­en­ware? (4) 11 In which Mis­sis­sippi town was Elvis Pres­ley born? (6) 13 Which Mex­i­can liqueur is flavoured with cof­fee, herbs and vanilla? (6) 14/17 In which 1967 film did David Niven play James Bond? (6,6) 18 In late 1999, an ex­plorer craft crashed and dis­ap­peared with­out trace on which planet? (4) 20 What is the name of the MGM lion? (3) 22 Which French car­di­nal was chief min­is­ter of Louis XIII? (9) 23 What nymph dwells in a lake, river, spring, or wa­ter­fall? (5) 24 What is also known as wood al­co­hol? (8)


1 Which planet is known as the evening star? (5) 2 The word balsa is bor­rowed from what lan­guage, where it means “raft”? (7) 3 What is the flesh of a calf used as food? (4) 4 Which planet was orig­i­nally called Ge­orgium Sidus, then Her­schel? (6) 5 Some as­tronomers sug­gest which planet was a for­mer satel­lite of Nep­tune? (5) 6 In which city was Walt Dis­ney born? (7) 7 Which glands are sit­u­ated above the kid­neys? (7) 12/13 Who wrote the poem that be­gins “If you can keep your head when all about you / Are los­ing theirs and blam­ing it on you...”? (7,7) 15 What lan­guage gave us the word pro­pa­ganda? (7) 16 What is the French word for bell? (6) 17 What do string play­ers rub on their bows? (5) 19 Where is a baby’s fontanelle? (5) 21 In the Bi­ble, what is the name of Adam’s third son? (4)

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